what’s up guys another lifting tip
coming at you. whenever we are doing Olympic lifting it’s important that we
keep the bar very close to us the better bar path the better your lifts most
likely are gonna be. a lot of times people grab the bar they don’t grab it
correctly. one they’re not using hook grip I got plenty of videos on that
playing articles in that but it’s the way your knuckles face whenever they’re
grabbing the bar so whatever we grab it most people want to grab here with maybe
these knuckles pointing at the ground and when you start to lift even if you
have the hook grip it’s still gonna open your hand up and when your hand opens up
the bar is gonna move further away from you so simply by when you grab it
taking these top knuckles and pointing them down at the ground and kind of
almost turning over to the bar this way that will change the bar path that allow
you to keep the bar a little bit closer to your body and say like workouts like
19.2 or something where you do a lot of lifting having that bar pat be a little
bit closer to you for a long period of time will really help out in the end. so turn
the knuckles down turn them over use a hook grip give that a shot

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