Increase Flexibility With Exercise Balls : Leg Stretches for Flexibility on an Exercise Ball

Next, we’re going to go down to our legs.
You’re going to bring your right leg out. Keep your left leg right where it is and you’re
going to reach down toward that right leg. You want to really reach for it. You want
to hold it down there. The benefits of stretching your leg on the ball is you will get a deeper
stretch in your hip flexors. In addition, this is a really great stretch for both your
hamstring and your calf muscle. Again, you want to hold every stretch for 20-30 seconds.
What you can do here, is you can come back up to the ball this way and then switch. Go
to the left side. Or you can, this is another option, is to come back down here on that
right side, and walk your hands from your right side, taking them to the center, switch
your legs out. Bring that left leg out and walk on over to that left leg. Trying to make
room here. Again, you’ll feel that stretch in your hamstring, your calf muscle, and your
hip flexors. If you’re like me and your cycle a lot, I have really tight hip flexors and
tight hamstrings. Then you can walk your hands back up to the center this way and come back
up. Next we’re going to do a deeper stretch on our hip flexors.

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