Indoor Cycling Class at LA Fitness

[fast-paced music starts up] I love cycling. The energy of the room, the people in the class. I feel my veins pumping. I feel my whole system open up. [music gets louder] Having the instructor push you and motivate you; it
helps you every step of the way. I just like to have fun, and motivate. You go at your own pace, and that’s what I love about it. You could work on low resistance, and over time build up on that. A novice rider could be riding right next to a champion rider,
and they’re all getting a great workout in the same class. [fast-paced music plays loudly] Everyone’s cheering and having a great time, and- The overall energy is just fantastic. Keeps a healthy heart and you feel good after the workout. [music ends abruptly]

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  1. I have to say that I just began to go back to the gym after my surgery and the cycle class is my passion. The instructors at L A Fitness in New Hyde Park NY are amazing. I go 5 days a week and all 5 instructors don't play games… they want you to succeed and make your work hard… 

  2. does anyone know what brand of exercise bike it is that LA fitness uses. i love them and would like to buy one for home. a great bike with resistance

  3. I'm a big girl and I want to try the class but I'm terrified. I went in and tried the bike in the classroom last week. My but hurt, I had one of the trainers adjust it on Monday. I'm going to try the class tonight. Hope I can make it through at least 30 mins.

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