Initiating the Kip from the Shoulder with Cameron Soden

The progression that we’re going to go through on the kipping pull-up—I’m going to have you guys get up into this position. Can you come on over? I just want you to give me targets right here and here. So in this position I’m going to have the shoulders initiate this movement. And I can stop on a dime. So I’m going to partner you guys up. We’re teams of two. I get up there and I have my good grip and my hand position, I’m going to do a couple kipping swings and then freeze, OK? Then he becomes the athlete and I’m guiding him. What we don’t want to see here, guys—you can drop for me please— is a hip-initiated movement. So we don’t want you guys swinging around like this. This is a lot of fun, right? This is totally fun but if I said stop, I wouldn’t be able to stop. So I want the shoulders to dictate this movement, OK? Good, let’s get your feet together a little bit more. Good, and arms nice and straight, shoulders do all the work. And freeze! Good control. Very cool. Let’s get your feet together a little bit more. Come on off the pull-up bar really quick. I want your feet together a little bit more and high-five me right now, hold this position. Now hold that position. Back and forth through the shoulders is what I’m looking for on that. Does that make sense? Alright, great, jump up there. Good nice and controlled, feet together. Shoulders do all the work. Back and forth, much better! And freeze! Beautiful! You see the difference there? That was great, that was great.

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  1. I like this guy! Voice of certainty on what he says is right, he seems interrested, passionate. Definitely get him to do more videos @CrossFit®  !!

  2. Yeah really good stuff, I appreciate his attention to detail even on the feet.  That is an easy aspect to forget on the hollow position when hanging from a bar.

  3. I don't mean any disrespect, but why making these kind of pull-ups, instead of the called "strict pull-up"? What is the idea? Using more muscle groups? Thanks

  4. Shoulders don't initiate the movement, they provide stabilization to the t-spine, and the constant tension to the bar necessary for the hips to do the proper work

  5. Awesome video! Is it possible to get the shoes the trainer in the video is wearing? I have been searching for them and can't find them. If someone or CrossFit could help that would be amazing!

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