Inner Thigh Exercises – Adductor Strength for Runners [Ep66]

If you want to strengthen those muscles of
your inner thigh, your adductors, let me show you some simple and effective exercises! Hey guys it’s James here again, and today
I want to address an area that us runners often forget about: your adductor muscles
or the groin and inner thigh. Quite often this is an area of particular
weakness and tightness, and unfortunately sometimes injury. A few months ago I uploaded a video showing
my favourite adductor mobility drill – the link is in the description if you want to
check that out – but today I want to focus on building strength in your adductor muscles,
helping you build a stronger inner thigh and groin. I’m going to keep the equipment minimal
with this. To being with, all you need is a ball. The progressions through the following exercises
will be in the same order I’d give to a runner recovering from a groin or adductor
strain. To being with we begin with isometric exercises
in different positions. With these exercises we stress the muscles
of the adductor group, without taking them through range of motion. Lying on your back, the first exercise involves
placing the ball between your ankles. Engage your core, and keep your low back on
the ground as you squeeze your ankles together against the resistance of the ball. Hold for 10 seconds, and repeat this 10 times. Make sure you breathe throughout! We then repeat this process in different positions. The next is with the feet on the floor and
knees bent. The ball this time is between the knees. Keeping your core engaged once again, squeeze
the knees together against the ball and hold for 10 sets of 10 seconds. The next progression is to take your feet
off the floor and repeat the process with hips and knees both flexed to 90 degrees.Once
again, make sure you keep your breathing relaxed and your core engaged! The final progression is to combine this with
an abdominal crunch and hold for 10 sets of 10 seconds. As you work through this progression of exercises,
be sure not to work through pain. Be guided by which exercises you can do pain-free,
and use that as an indicator of your stage of recovery. If in doubt, ask your physio. As with many rehab progressions, the next
step is to add some concentric exercises for the adductor muscle group. In this case, we can use a resistance band
or cable machine to provide the load as we work through adduction and abduction in the
frontal plane, with the working leg swinging through the air. Feel free to use a wall to assist your balance
as you work through 3 sets of 15-20 reps on a low to moderate resistance. If you can do this pain free, you should be
ok to move on to the next phase which is combining more eccentric loading. For this, all you need is a relatively slippery
floor, and a cloth… or sock, or… you get the picture. Standing with most of your weight on one foot,
slide the cloth out to the side as far as you can control, as you drip into a lateral
lunge. From this out position, try to pull your legs
back together using your inner thighs as you stand up out of this lateral lunge. It’s not easy! Aim for 3 sets of 10 on each side, and take
it easy to begin with. Of course, exercises like lunges, single leg
squats, step-ups, hopping and jumping are all great additional ways of exercising the
adductors, as they work hard in almost all movements of the lower body. Hopefully you’ve found the exercise progressions
in this video a helpful guide to strengthening your adductors. Let me know in the comments if you have any
questions, and don’t forget to subscribe. Speak to you soon!

20 Replies to “Inner Thigh Exercises – Adductor Strength for Runners [Ep66]”

  1. This is brilliant! The way you demonstrated the progression for strengthening weak adductors by building upon the foundations of isometrics is super important and beneficial for a full recovery

  2. Another excellent and helpful vid- thank you.
    I've seen a similar vid with a lady using some sliding contraption to do the last exercise and thought 'meh, I can't do that as I don't have one of those 😔' but your substitute idea is a good one.
    Nice to see Charlie make a sneaky appearance too! 😜

  3. Unbelievable timing James! I have had pain in this region and stupidly running through it and doing Bootcamp. Going to start these tomorrow!

  4. I love love love these video that you do! Simple exercises that are easy to do. I don't train my legs enough because I don't want to be sore when I run but after my marathon I plan on really focusing on strengthening my adductors and IT Band 🙂

  5. will these help me rehab my adductor magnus / groin strain? so far im just doing ball squeezes. this happened on account of heavy BJJ training while guard drills

  6. Do you suffer from Joint pain and silently finding the proper solution for your problem? Unlock your hip flexors correctly [Check Details Here==> ] solve your problem without taking any operation. You need to do some exercise by how they said to do that exactly.

  7. Thanks – trying to recover from a hamstring tear, but noticed my adductor is quite sore after PT – I cannot run currently as my leg is too weak. I think this will help with this.

  8. Fightmaster Yoga Love this new practice Lesley! Congrats on all of your recent endeavors! ( ) You're my FAVORITE yoga teacher EVER! You totally rock. Peace.

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