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– What’s up, everyone? So, welcome back to another
video of official Thenx. Today we’re doing a video
straight from the So grab your devices and we’ll begin in the advanced program
part one, day five. We’re doing a whole body workout. Let’s do this. (energetic electronic music) Guys, so let’s get this workout started. So for the warmup, we’re gonna
go for burpees, 15 times. Ins and outs, one minute. Plank knees to elbows, 45 seconds. Jump squats, 20 times. When I go ahead and
repeat that three times, we’re gonna assume that we
already done the warmup, and we’re gonna go right into the workout. For the workout, we’re
gonna for muscle ups, plus dips, plus pull-ups, max each. Dips, max. Pull overs, five times. And some push-ups against the wall, max. Elevated pike push-ups plus hold, max. Commando pull-ups, ten times. Burpees across 20 feet, six times. Hands and shoulder taps, max. L-sit hold, 30 seconds. Tuck planch, max. And we’re gonna finish
up with push-ups, max. I’m gonna repeat the routine three times. So let’s get started. First exercise is going to be muscle-ups plus dips plus pull-ups, max each. If you don’t know how to do that, you go ahead and click
the video right here. So let’s go ahead and do that. (mid-tempo bass music) Alright, so a good place to begin. You guys have to try one of these. And once you do these without
letting go of the bar, so do as many muscle-ups as you can and then as many dips as you can and then as many pull-ups as you can, as many until you let go of the bar. We are an advanced program,
so you should be doing your muscle-ups without
kipping, but if you need a little bit of kipping, I’m
probably gonna need it today. Let’s see how it goes. Ready, set. (mid-tempo bass music) Those muscle-ups get me tired. When you go max, you want
to do as many as you can. So I’m gonna go ahead to
numero two, some more pull-ups. That sounds fair enough. Let’s leave it that way and
we’ll go to the next exercise. Remember, you can always
rest between 30 seconds, maximum 30 seconds in
between the exercise. As you can see, I actually
need to go 30 seconds. Next one we’re going for dips, max. So go to the dip bar and do
as many dips as you can do. Catch a breath. (mid-tempo bass music) That’s why it’s called
an advanced workout. Let’s see if you guys
can keep up with this. You rest 30 seconds, pull-over
is the next one, five times. See what it looks like. (mid-tempo bass music) Okay, I definitely need the
30 seconds for that one. (calm electronic music) (upbeat electronic music) So that’s five. See what’s next. Next one is going to be handstand push-ups against the wall, max time. (upbeat electronic music) Find a wall, get against a wall. Keep your elbows in at all times and do as many reps as you can. (upbeat electronic music) Fair enough, let’s move on. Next, we have elevated
pike push-ups plus hold. So after you kill your
shoulders on the wall, we give up shoulders with a little bit of an easier exercise, easier progression, but it’s still gonna help your shoulders. So then from a box 90
degree angle, lean forward and do as many pike push-ups as you can. Keep your elbows in at all
times, triceps going under all the way down and pull it up. Once you can’t go any longer, you hold. Feeling great work already. I think that’s only half the
workout, let’s keep it going. 30 second break and moving
on to commando pull-ups. So we give our shoulders a rest
and back to the pull-up bar. When we’re working full-body, you want to go pull, push, pull, push
and that’s our way to do it. So when you’re pulling, you’re
resting your pushing muscles and when you’re pushing, you’re
resting your pulling ones. So ready, set. (upbeat electronic music) Moving on. Next exercise we have burpees
across 20 feet, six times. So I’m definitely gonna need to catch my breath for that one. So 20 feet let’s say is from
this line going to the wall and we’ll do burpees across
all the way to the end. That counts as one and coming back, two, three, four, five, six. And we’ll take our 30 seconds. (mid-tempo bass music) So one. Alright, give it up. Three almost four, this shit’s killing me. Two more to go. (piano electronic music) Damn it. (exclaims loudly) That felt good, but not
so good at the same time. Definitely need to go a 30 second wait. Remember, if you need
more than 30 seconds, like I probably do right now,
you can take up to a minute, but don’t get too cool there, if your body starts getting too cold,
but don’t burn yourself out. Then you’re not ready to
move on into the next set. Like I am ready, right now. So let’s move it on. Almost there. We have handstand shoulder taps, for max time. Let’s see how it goes. (mid-tempo bass music) If you go onto your
fingertips, that’s also good. As long as your shifting
away, that’s good enough. (mid-tempo bass music) That’s good for me. Next one. L-sit hold, see that looks medium. This L-sit hold on dip bar. I just wanted to make
sure you can do L-sit in different places. Right now we’re working on the dip bar. If you don’t have a dip
bar, grab some power lifts that you can support yourself on. We’re gonna lift for 30 seconds and this is gonna tell me if I have and see if the video or
YouTube count 30 seconds to see if my count is right. If not, comment down below. (mid-tempo bass music) I think I’m at 20. Give it five extra seconds just in case. If you’re shaking, that’s good. Shaking doesn’t mean you’re weak, shaking means you’re
building pure strength. So almost done with the
first round of the workout. We’re doing tuck planch, max hold. So to see how the form
is, always make sure to click the video so
you always get the form. (upbeat electronic music) So again, go over to the dip bar. So nice and straight, elbow’s rotated in, use your core, lean forward and lift. Chin out and hold that. (mid-tempo bass music) Feeling pretty good already. I think we’ve got one more exercise to go. Let’s finish up strong guys. We have push-ups, regular push-ups. But if it’s an easier
exercise, that doesn’t mean that you cannot push yourself. Everyone can do push-ups. Can you push yourself,
can you push through that threshold where
you cannot go any longer and go through two or three more reps? Let’s see. Catch our 30 second break
so we can give it all, right at the end of the workout. (mid-tempo bass music) Ever did push-ups right
at the end of a workout? After all the things that
we did, it’s pretty tough. I lost count, but the
number is never important. It’s about effort. Nobody cares how many push-ups can you do. You are only cheating yourself
if you choose to give up before your body gives up. Your mind will always give up
first, but your body won’t. So use your mind
accordingly at your favor. Not against you. And that’s my max. So that’s one round and I’m gonna go ahead and repeat this for two more rounds. I love you guys that have the program, go ahead and do this three times. For you that don’t have the program, we’re giving you this sneak
peek of what is. For an entire complete guide, beginner, intermediate, advanced. Tutorial guide for handstand,
tutorial guide for muscle-ups, and every tool that you
need to change your life, to transform your entire fitness journey. (exclaims loudly) Go to and subscribe. If you like this video,
please like and share, subscribe, share with your
friends, comment down below. And I’ll see you back again next time. Peace. (mid-tempo bass music)


  1. What artist plays this music? Or did you guys make this yourself. Goes perfectly with watching your videos and being able to focus more clearly. Would like to use some of these songs.

  2. Don't forget to repeat this for 2 more rounds ! ;o)
    Maybe i'll do some beginner and intermediate workouts before, just to have a good warmup…

  3. I just wanna say a big CONGRATULATIONS to the whole Thenx team!!! This workout is really though. Did it today for second time and I must say that on the 2nd set after the burpees, I could barely catch my breath! I didn't manage to properly do the 3rd set because I didn't had enough time, but the workout is really amazing.

    Upload more workouts like this one. Maybe some which attack single muscle groups…?
    Just waiting for the nex one! Thumbs up!!! 🙂

  4. so guys I guess if you do that kind of circuit workout you don't need cardio right? if yous are looking to get ripped? Can you just do this circuit x3 times a week and then pretty much focus on the diet side of things? Or do you recommend some mild cardio as well? thanks for your input!

  5. This is absolute bad ass I've just started doing callisthenics love this channel and the website awesome work. This guy us an absolute beast 3-4 rounds is killer.

  6. Certainly not wrong with the title Insane workout, no wonder the guy's built like a beast! Gonna bring the travelling burpees set into my next warm up routine, they're not gonna like it!

  7. 8:57 : The best exercise for your arm, practiced every day but after the workout not during or before! 😉

    Very good guys, greetings from France ^^

  8. Sooo let´s say I am goona do this workout. Lets say i do it 3 times a week. I am used to be at the gym every day (Even if it is for cardio or stretching alone)
    How often should I do this workout in a week? And is there anything other I can do besides this workout on other days? (I guess I can still do my Cardio and Stretching?)
    Good a pretty good Physique, but still want to lower my Fat %. I am at 14% right now.
    So any Tips?`

  9. Dude, your physique is God-like, and this is an insane workout….


    Surely, with a physique like yours, and the strength you have – couldn't you have done handstand push ups without the wall? Or the full planche? And come on dude, firstly those push ups could have been chest to the ground, and secondly, you didn't max out. Typically you'll shake like a shitting dog before you hit failure, you had easy another ten to 15 reps inside. And that was like after saying about pushing your max.

    That's my little rant, I've only been doing calisthenics for a month now and I'm grade A shitty bollocks. However, keep a look out for this name in six months time…. Lol, or maybe a year. No, screw that, six months!

  10. great videos but try pulling up your pants a bit. i cant watch anymore of this guy untill you put your pubic hair away!
    i love to show my cuts to but your taking the piss.

  11. see he said he don't worry about the # of reps but I do care about that I feel like if I didn't hit a certain # of reps then I didn't complete my workout….just me💪💪💪

  12. Ляляляляляляляляляляляляляляляляляляля! Привет из Санкт-Петербурга

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