INTENSE 15 Minute Fat Burning Workout | 2019

What’s going on guys. It’s David here from
Pull Up Mate TV. Today I’m going to be giving you a HIIT workout here on my Pull Up Mate. So, if you don’t have a Pull Up Mate, then
jump online at the Pull Up Mate website now ( and get one.
Then when yours comes, you can join in on this workout. I’ve got my Pull Up Mate in
a lower position at the moment, I’m not going to be doing any high pull ups or anything.
so just make sure you’re set up in the same position, too. Ok, so, this workout, let me tell you a bit
about it. We’re going to be doing five different exercises of which we’re going to be doing
35 seconds on, 25 seconds off. There’s going to be three rounds for each exercise before
moving on to the next exercise. Ok. I’m going to start with a little warm-up. I’ve got my
HIIT timer set up over here. So let’s get this started. Ok, so initially I’m just going to start jumping
on the spot with some high knees – get the heart rate up. Then going to do some lunges,
twist. A little crack there! If you get a crack – that’s a good thing. Some high knees again,
forward rotations. Backward rotations. I’ve turned on the legs, I’ve turned on the arms. I’m
going to do some quick press ups on the Pull Up Mate. And I’ll come round and do some pull ups. Alright, heart rate’s up. Ready to go. This is going to start me a rest there. Ok,
so I’ve got 25 seconds now to tell you what the first set of exercises is going to be
before we get started. We’ve got 6 jump overs and then 4 lunge scissors.
So jump over – that’s going to be like this. That’s one. That’s two. That’s three. Ok, our lunge scissors will be like so. Let’s get going. Into the
lunge scissors. Ok, and a breather. 25 seconds to get my breath
back. Wherever you finish off there at the end of the working period, just start back
off. So I’m going to be starting back off on the lunge scissors. Ok, another 25 seconds. We’ve got 1 more round
of that. This is really going to burn you up, get your heart rate going, and torch the
fat. And ok. We’ve got 25 seconds now. So the next
exercise is going to be close grip press ups into wide grip press ups. So we’re going to
be down here, close grip and then wide grip. We’re going to do 5 of each. If you’re struggling with this, you can get
a mat, and you can do them kneeling. It’s getting hot in here! Let’s get a window
open. Ok, now I’m in my rest. We’ve got 2 more rounds
of that, 10 more seconds left. That one really burns up the chest, the triceps,
and the shoulders. Make sure you’ve got water on you; sipping water between sets
to help stay hydrated. Starting to feel this, it’s catching up with
me. Ok, 25 seconds, and then we’re on to alternating
touch crunches then double hand crunches. So we want to get down into this position
here. Just make sure you’ve got a mat laid out. Alternating means I’m going to tap alternate
sides, double means a double tap. 25 seconds – I’m going to stay right here
for that. Let my core recover. If you’re finding it a little tough, you can get a bit closer
in to the Pull Up Mate. That way you don’t have to come up as far to touch it each time.
But do make sure you’re touching it. Coming half way isn’t good enough. All the way to the beep. When you hear that countdown in,
that means you’ve got 3 seconds left. That doesn’t mean stop. That about maxed me out there. 25 seconds,
and then 6 crouching side steps with squats. So the crouching side steps – that’s going
to be, coming down nice and low, stepping over like this. Try and get your eyes down
level with there. And then you’re into squats. Ok, so I got to 4 with my crouching side steps.
So I’m going to do 2 more, then go into 4 squats. We’re roughly at the half-way mark now guys. 1 more round. This one if you keep nice and
low, it really fires up the back of the leg; glutes, hamstrings, as well as the quads.
Try and keep the chest nice and high when you’re crouching down for the side stepovers.
Try not to lean over like that. Ok, next exercise is going to be 4 plank to
press ups and then 4 alternating running planks. So, I’m going to be in the arms extended plank
position down here. I’m going to come up, and then I’m going to go down. And I’m going
to alternate which hand I come up with each time, then alternating running planks. Ok, in position guys, and let’s go. This really is a full body workout. Hitting
everything. Legs, core, chest, arms, stability. Ok, 7 seconds. Just one more round of that. Let’s go! Ok, end of those. Cool down. Ok, so, just going to come over
here and we’ll do some toe taps – nice and controlled. Just get my heart rate down a
bit. Now we’re going to do some stretches. Stretching
my shoulders – 15 seconds. I’m going to take deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Really try and bring that heart rate down. I’m going to do my triceps. Bring your feet together, push my hips to
the side, I’m doing down the side of my back at the same time. So that countdown there is the end of the
cool down. I’m just going to spend a little longer as I’ve got the time. Doing some extra stretches. Going to hit my core, because my core got quite a beating. Now if Ijust tuck my toes under here, and
lift my thighs up, I’m going to hit down the front of my leg a bit and my hip flexor. Open up my chest. Hit my quads. Don’t forget, if you enjoyed that workout
and you don’t have Pull Up Mate X yet, our downloadable training and nutrition guide,
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So give that a try. If you like this workout, give us a thumbs
up. Let us know what you want to see next. Thank you very much from David and all the
Pull Up Mate team. We’ll see you next time.

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  1. Appreciate the content. I bought one last year. It’s a solid piece of equipment. I like that I can keep it in my bedroom since I know it can be disassembled quickly if I have company.

  2. Best coach ! Pull up mate x is awesome ! Great work David !

    It would be great to see more workout like that on the channel

    Thanks pull up mate team !

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