12 Replies to “*INTENSE* 6-Pack Abs Workout \\ Standing exercises only”

  1. I can’t workout 😞 my knee popped out of place and when I fell I sprained my ankle. It’s hard to walk and I’m on crutches. My ankle stopped hurting a little but My knee is stiff

  2. Yes love your videos they are helping me so much on my journey, which I’m doing my journey on my own channel and I will definitely let people know!

  3. I had the worst day and didn't feel like going to the gym, social skills very low. Still I wanted to workout. You made me feel so much better and put a smile on my face 💖 Also, kinda got emotional at the end so there was me sobbing while doing the hug thing 😂 you are one of my favourite human being ❤️

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