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  1. So I broke my arm a few weeks ago and am getting my cast off soon. When I get cleared to start lifting again, what should I do to get my muscle back? (Specifically left arm) Tips or exercises anyone?

  2. Cool workout, but I would change the position of the australian pull ups and regular pull ups. It's better to do harder exercises first I think.

  3. Zay..dude..You are a f$cking BEAST!! Waiting for my new Heria joggers to arrive, u guys the shiznit!

  4. this training is NOT complete dude, TOO MUCH arm training, no or little other stuff? jumping jacks? high knees? planking ? leg raises are GREAT but also 1 of the HARDEST to do, same as pull ups? how many people can do so many pull ups? 20x per set? r u crazy ? most youngmen in their 20s cant do 5 in a row. so let alone 20?

    I still LOVE the 7minute workout! with 12 different exercises. but only 40sec each and 20sec break. and for at least 30 33min training, with 1 minute break after 10min. so thats possible.

  5. You could also do less reps at a slower pace. Slower reps increase time under tension and overall stress on the muscles. Also, resting a bit longer between sets has a couple benefits – trains the parasympathetic nervous system that returns the body to homeostasis and will set you up to have stronger performance with each set.

  6. What’s the technique for not swigging on the bar while doing leg raises..? How can I train for that stability pleasee..! 🇫🇷

  7. Hey thenx family ! I bought 2 tee shirts on your shop and I would like to know , how much longer to receive his tee shirt ? Thank so much !! U ARE THE BEST 💪

  8. My boy Zay representing! A true inspiration!
    And how amazing is that outro with Osvaldo and the colour changing vests!?? AMAZING!

  9. Hey guys, new sub, I’ve recently dropped 40 lbs with keto and am back to being 200lbs again which is awesome but I’m still not happy. I wanted to get to the gym and really sculpt the body that I want, unfortunately this isn’t always possible with work, but with your workouts it’s super easy to do a lot of them at home and also your app WICKED and laid out in a really great way. Just wanted to thank you for providing the content you do. Great work boys!

  10. Hey Thenx, great workout, but there's also a little bit of room for critique. I feel like Zay rushes with this workout to much. He reps out very quick and sometimes lacks form because of that. Maybe a slower and steadier rep time would be better, because the pace does not matter in the end, but the time under tension does, which is significantly higher with a slower rep speed. Additionally, he was swinging quite a lot while doing the leg raises, which limits the impact on the core and therefore the effectiveness of the exercise. But other than that a great quick full body workout!

  11. I have a question? Does this workout works?(mostly for fat burning)

    3x a day

    1. Burpees(10x)
    2. High knee taps(45 secs)

    (30 secs each here)
    3. Russian twists
    4.cross abs
    5.flutter kicks
    6.heel touches
    7.starfish crunches
    8. Crucifix
    9. Plank push ups
    10.plank twists
    11. Jumping jacks

  12. I saw this video and decided to do it straight after it and it is indeed an intense workout… did 1 round and I’m already dead. Now 3 more rounds to go, hope I’m still alive after it 😜

  13. I don't see thenx video about three weeks ago and now I feel relax after watching this and now it's time to do this

  14. So question?
    He does these videos on triceps and chest and focusing on parts of the body etc,do you do workouts for 1 part of the body 1 day or multiple body part workouts per day?

  15. Chris listen, my mom wants me to combine the gym with swimming pool, she says that’s the best thing ever and I’ll get better results. You clearly being a pro, tell me please is swimming pool necessary? Will it help me a lot or have u heard of that kind of combining exercises before? Thanks in advance man.

  16. Hello. I have a skiny flat body. I'm going to be your fitness app. Which program do I need? Please bother telling you.

  17. Hi Chris! I really like your body! I want myself the same and for this I have been doing recently on your video, I also installed your application THENX. And a month later I see more success than if I continued to engage as before !!! Thank you so much!!!!!

  18. hey I have a question pls help me,I started doing normal pushups,then wide then diamond,pullups too and after couple of weeks I started to feel pain in my elbow and its like this for 2-3 days? help anyone?

  19. may i ask whether there is a specific width the dip bar should be? the one that i have access to, which is at the playground of a local school, funny enough seems to be a little too wide for me giving me some level of discomfort in my shoulders, as if someone were pulling them hard to the sides, whenever i attempt to do dips on it. is it maybe normal to feel something like that and it will go away once i get used to it, or is this dip bar indeed to wide for me and it's dangerous for me to train on it?
    for clairty: i believe my shoulders are healthy and decently mobile.
    now when i think about it: could it be that me unwitting pointing my elbows a little bit sideways instead of strictly behind me during the lower part of the exercise is the source of this shoulder pulling problem?

  20. Hey guys i recently learned to do a muscle up and now im able to do 7 at max but the last few reps i always flip my left arm slower than my right arm up how can i solve this issue?

  21. Our names are the same… we’re destined to be together 😩🤤😍 oh wait a minute he’s talking, let me listen to him first 😂

  22. Too sloppy, you must be afraid of your own …. what is that, your body?
    Heria, where are you?
    On vacation – Seriiusly?


  23. Nice that you guys switch it up with other ppl in your vids! Love me some Heria but its nice to see that his whole squad is working hard too x)

  24. I've tried to do this workout and, man at second round i was dead 😂😂😂 hard train for good gains💪💪

  25. I've tried to do this workout and, man at second round i was dead 😂😂😂 hard train for good gains💪💪

  26. Great set of workout. But as a beginner, I think it would have been better if you had mentioned the benefits of each exercise.

  27. Good test for fitness level, If you can't do 4 rounds with the same amount of reps (I can't) then it's a good idea to just stick to this training program until you can. This is my workout (along with some yoga days and 1-2 runs a week) for the next month. Hopefully by mid July or August I can do all 4 rounds with 30 reps! Tks for the inspiration and a break from weights!

  28. i did this a while ago in the gym, at first i was like yeah i can do this but after 1 set i feel dizzy and go home.

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