International Women’s Day – Stand for women, stand against MS

20:18 the year of women so many different things make me proud to be a woman I love women I love trans women I love anything this is forward women in it I feel powerful to be a woman even if life throws a curveball we’ll take it with grace and pride if there’s something that I want to do I’m going to go and do it I think about all of the women who have come before us and the impact they’ve made well I grew up in you know the 50s so it was very different back then back then it meant that you had to hold your skirt between your knees because you weren’t allowed wear pants I think we are in like a really unique place where it feels like so many things are coming to a head when it comes to being a woman in 2018 it’s changing when we were you know protesting Vietnam and and starting to March and and no it feels like that’s starting again I hope that the future looks like women can do absolutely anything that they want to I [Music] was diagnosed with a relapsing/remitting MS in September I have the first stage so room it in relapse my mom lives with them ask my granddaughter was diagnosed I was I must have cried for three months I was devastated I’ve been volunteering with the MS Society for over ten years now if you live in Canada and you you know have a network that includes women you definitely know somebody who was with MS could be your next-door neighbor could be your sibling and it could happen at any time regardless of the age you know there are mothers and our granddaughters and our daughters and we love them and we want the best possible world for them I have a tear oh my gosh no I did not expect this I think about my mom and how I Mass is impacted her life I mean she has relapsing remitting in some ways it’s it’s such a hidden disease which in some ways makes it so much harder when you’re living with things that people can’t see it’s a little disappointing to hear that there’s another hurdle that women would have to deal with every day but I think if anyone would be able to deal with worrying about something it’s incredibly strong women it’s not fair but I feel like we can handle it more than men could no offense or anything since I was diagnosed with MS I been going to the gym eating healthy and I’ve been feeling amazing honestly it’s made me a stronger person since I’ve found out there’s so many women and that are really taking charge and leading the way that gets me really excited you

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