International World Women’s Day 2019 | Who’s She – A Guessing Game About Famous Women In History

Best-selling author J. K. Rowling, artist Frida Kahlo and Tennis Star Serena Williams: In the game “Who’s She”, they share the board
with 25 other extraordinary women. These include famous and not-so-well-known personalities from
the past to the present. Polish designer Zuzia Kozerska-Girard came
up with the idea. With the help of a small team, she’s been producing the game at her workshop in Warsaw since 2018. “The basic idea of ‘Who’s She?’ is to inspire
little girls and show them that they can do anything they want with real stories of real
women from all times.” It’s a game for two players. They ask questions
in turn and try to guess which woman their opponent has chosen. The first player to guess
correctly, wins. “You ask questions about everything, about
any information that you can find on the board. So about their accomplishments, about their
life, about where they come from, about anything that you can see there. You cannot ask about
their looks. Is she blond? Or something. It’s forbidden.” That rule was important for Zuzia Kozerska-Girard.
As a mother, she found that her young daughter was often judged solely by her appearance. “I was on the playground with her and I was
like: What’s going on here, because I can see other boys playing and the others chitchat
with moms, and moms are like: Look how he’s quicker, how he’s agile, how he’s making this
and that. What’s up with this, that we are talking more about the achievements of boys…
with girls it’s only about their looks.” She considered the biographies of around 400
women while designing her game. She wanted the final selection to include a variety of
cultures, eras and occupations. A woman from her native Poland made it into
the game: Nobel-prize winner Maria Skłodowska-Curie — better known as Marie Curie. “She represents the problems and the difficult
path that women can have in science for me. So I think that it’s important to know her
story in order to see that you can overcome these obstacles.” The watercolour portraits were painted by
Daria Gołąb. The Polish artist found it challenging to make the women look realistic, not idealized — and yet immediately recognizable. “It’s not just the way the painting will look,
but also the expression the woman will have. Because some of them are smiling, some of
them show their teeth, some are in a more serious pose. So just deciding which one should
look how, which one should look very friendly, which one harder to approach for example,
so that was part of deciding how exactly to paint them.” The first version of “Who’s She?” is in English.
But Kozerska-Girard is already working on French, Portuguese and Spanish versions. Along with the board is made of birch , there is also a cheaper cardboard one. The designer dreams of making her game available to as many children
as possible — and not just girls. “I think that it’s important for boys as well
to see women as heroines as well. Because if they don’t see them as equal, if boys don’t
see girls as equal in the competition and everywhere, it won’t work.” Zuzia Kozerska-Girard believes that the more
strong female role models girls have, the more they’ll try to emulate them. “Who’s She”
is her way of showing girls they can do anything!

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