Intro to Bodyweight Fitness

Hello everyone, my name is Paul, also known
as Fortress on Youtube. I believe in maintaining a healthy lifestyle
in terms of body, mind, soul, and spirit. On my channel, I focus mostly on the health
of the body — and I don’t believe in equipment, I believe God
has designed our body to adapt to external stimuli — and gravity seems to do a pretty good job
— so that’s what I promote. Bodyweight fitness – no equipment, no spending
money, anytime, anywhere — and the result? Great health! What I enjoy the most about bodyweight fitness
is freedom. When you do bodyweight fitness – Bodyweight
fitness it gives you enough strength that you feel light as a feather and strong as
a fortress. You actually enjoy jogging or sprinting down
a field — because of how light you feel. You enjoy the sensation of doing a muscle
up because of how effortlessly you can do it… and most of all, when old age comes, you enjoy
walking on your own feet, you enjoy working in the garden, you enjoy playing with your
grandchildren without much effort. And THAT my friend is the beauty of strength
and fitness. That’s the beauty of having a healthy body. Best of all, it is free, enjoyable, and available
to all. The journey may be tough, but the outcome
is worthwhile. So, my friend, let’s take our first step towards
health — and that will make all the difference.

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  1. what do you eat…as in whats your meal plan like…im totally lost on that one, what ever your eating seems to be working!

  2. By far the best bodyweight intro video i've ever seen.. Your speech is motivating by itself, especially the thing about playing with your grandchildren 😛 even the music is crisp and suits the vid 🙂

    "The Journey maybe tough,
    But the outcome is worth while"

    Well done F0rtress 😀

  3. is the song: Sound Remedy – Chiaroscuro
    or is it:        Sound Remedy – Chiaroscuro (Xenox Edit) ???

    nice video btw.

  4. I have a question for you, is nutrition important to you? Are you careful what you eat and do you make sure you get a certain amount of protein, do you watch you calorie/ macro intake?

  5. Павел, сколько ты тренеровался, чтобы достичь такой формы, как в этом видео? Можешь ответить, если не сложно? Заранее спасибо! 🙂

  6. This will always be my favorite workout motivation video. It makes me want to get off my butt and do some pullups or something.

  7. I share you beliefs about body weight fitness and how God has designed us. Your videos and exercises are amazing. Keep going with it.

  8. This is a great video. Great ideas, great examples, great voiceovers, good cinematography. Easy to follow and easy to understand. A good motivator.

  9. This is a great video. Great ideas, great examples, great voiceovers, good cinematography. Easy to follow and easy to understand. A good motivator.

  10. Paul I really admire you, you are a great example that something can be done if you really apply yourself to that. A year ago a couldnt walk  because of my diabetic neuropathy in my legs and arms. But now after I discover your videos and a healthy diet and pull ups I am totally a new person with a functional body. Thanks for being a model for us. God bless you.

  11. Man, you have inspired me a lot. IThe first video I ever watched that you made was the planche push up video and after that I couldn't stop watching your videos. i spent my birthday working out and watching your videos. I've started working out to get strong and as you said feel light and I'm getting results. Keep it up and please do never quit! The Fortress is like a new religion to me now 😀

  12. Watching this video before every workout to keep me motivated, you are such an inspiration man. Ditched the weights for bodyweight fitness 🙂

  13. you know im a small guy 5'4 and only weight 105lbs and i feel worthless in the gym xD but when it comes to body weight exercises.. lets just say nobody but me in the gym can do muscle ups like i can 

  14. Great video Paul!! I recommend using lower exposure compensation on the camera to get some more shadows and look more ripped and it will not look that overexposed.Otherwise I respect everything you're doing!!!!!

  15. I just saw you for the first time in a video made 2011, really amazing to see how youve expanded since then, great job man, keep up the good work, truly inspiring!

  16. You are an inspiration man !
    Keep it up, people like us need people like you who step up and do this ! I'm also a Christian and believe how god made our body to adapt in this way.

  17. Great message and wise for your years. I've been doing bodyweight training for many many years and I love it. Keep up the good work.

  18. definitely like the message you sent through this video. I am having to start back with the basics ever since my motorcycle accident. Have to say that this inspires me greatly.

  19. great video! Can someone tell me what is the 'orange accessory' used to hang the pull up bar with the circular pole? does this accessory has a name because I want to buy one. 

  20. hey man, i used to really like this channel until all the religious stuff started getting added in. 
    i mean, i know it's not really a main focus of the channel from what i have seen, but personally…
    i would remove the cross from the logo, and avoid using terms like "god" unless you throw in other terms like "higher power" or even science. just to spread the ideology to a larger demographic. personally i would only let close family and friends know of my specific religious beliefs.

    this is just me voicing my opinion.   

  21. Um, what exactly is the difference between soul and spirit? Pretty sure they are the same thing. It almost made u sound really cool tho. Almost.

  22. I may not agree on the god part but hey each to their own right. This is one of the best training motivation videos i've ever seen. Great work bud!

  23. i think those who do calisthenics because it's natural should also sleep in caves and go working in the fields and not read, because books are created by men

  24. Someone has gone to the trouble of posting an internet page pondering if Fortress is a natural athlete ie a non drug taking fitness guru!!! Clearly has far too much time on his/her hands.

  25. And I believe that God has given us large brains so that we can design and construct equipment that offers greater strength and power improvements than calisthenics.

  26. Hey Paul,

    Have you ever tried kung fu or another form of martial arts? If you like bodyweight training, you'll like kung fu — even more so than bodyweight training, martial arts place an emphasis on the spiritual development of the practicioner.

    Great video; keep up the good work ;)!

  27. I'm 42, former martial artist but now much less active, would it work for me? Where to start in your channel? Regards 🙂

  28. best results 💪👍 I got ripped strong sturdy in one month the basic workout twice a week for an hour, I didnt do alot extreme work out session all u need to start of 100 pushup
    100 sit-up
    50 dips 50 pull-ups 20 minutes of shadow boxing for won't get muscle tension like that get good agility and movement, with a good metabolism i eat alot I didn't get fat I burn food like nothing 6 meals in a day I won't get fat an my energy level was high when ever I hear ppl talk about diet lazy ppl Don't wanna work out

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