Iron Cross Progressions

What we’re going to play around with are iron cross progressions. So on our static apparatus, what we’re doing is we’re creating a distance that’s a little bit wider than your cubit. Okay? So we’re starting to lengthen out that lever a little bit. Alright? But the progression works based off static apparatus, and shortening the distance from the arm to the hand. Okay? So the way this is going to go, you’ll go palms down. You’re thinking about pressing down into the apparatus. Points of performance: hips are flat, looking forward. Okay? If you’re able to hold here we just slowly start to slide these out little by little, okay? And then over time, a course of like four to five years, you might eventually be able to get them all the way out there. What we’re going to do first on this, we’re going to still work off of the same concept we were working off of over there. We’re going to shorten the lever a little bit. Okay? So instead of having the rings out and the hands here, we’re going to end up using the strap. We’re going to feed our hand through here, and then grab onto the ring, and that’s going to shorten the lever, from our hand to our forearm. As long as the arms aren’t bending, then we can start to take it farther. If the arms are bending at all, we don’t want to go any farther. Okay? So on this, you’re going to feed through, grab onto the rings. We’ll go to support. Okay? And go first position, back, second position, back, and then third position, back. Okay? And then third position, no farther than 35. Okay? One thing that’s going to help is once you set your arms here, keep your arms straight as you go to support. That’s going to keep the strap more on your forearm. If you put your arms through here first and then go to support, that’s going to hit you right at the elbows and make you want to bend your arms. Okay? So again, just make sure you set up on the forearms to support, and then you can start to hit your positions there. Okay? For assistance, you’re going to have a spotter right at the waist. Grab on. Okay, start with your arms straight. Okay. On three. One, two, three, up. Okay, first position. Back. Okay, that’d be closer to second position. Alright, let’s go that position again. Second position. And back. And let’s do third position, about 45. And back. Good. And relax Okay. Should look just like that. (clapping)

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  1. I know that trainers will not be as good as athlets and they tend to have a lot of knowledge and they don't necessarily are able to perform advanced skills but this guy can't even do proper ring support and try to explain how to do an iron cross, are you kidding me ?

  2. Asking to get seriously injured. I’d only suggest beginning training for the cross after a decent planche, and back and front lever

  3. Hello elbow tendonitis and shoulder impingement. One needs at least full back and front lever, straight arm press to hs, rings handstand, and at least a rings tuck planche to begin training for the cross

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