Is CrossFit Safe During Pregnancy?

Is CrossFit safe during pregnancy? CrossFit is an incredibly intense workout.
People have actually over-worked their muscles to the point of exploding them. I’ve never seen someone with arms blow up
like firecrackers from Wile E. Coyote cartoons. The muscle cells explode when overworked,
and the person’s muscles swell up dangerously while they lose the ability to use them. The
cell death releases toxins into the body that ruin the kidneys. Uncle Ribdo. It isn’t funny when it can kill you. When
they say workout until you can’t, they don’t tell you it may mean that you can’t get
up again ever. I don’t push myself that hard. Normal people have landed in the ER from the
CrossFit regimen. When you are pregnant, you need extra hydration
and rest. If I take an extra water bottle and take breaks, I’ll be fine. Cross-Fit workouts tend to attract perfectionists
and those who enjoy pushing themselves to their limits. You could get caught up in the
excitement and hurt yourself. I just said I could watch my limits. The stress of the workouts isn’t good for
the baby. And your tolerance for heat and stress go down as the pregnancy progresses. The instructor said it should be fine. This is an organization that makes comics
about working out until you literally explode. And he won’t make money if you don’t come
to class. What else can I do to stay fit? It’s obviously a long time until Mommy and
Me workouts or a jogging stroller. But you can still go jogging, lift weights with care
and join yoga. The kid feels heavy enough as is. It’s already
hurting my back. And you want to go try to do 200 sit ups in
a Cross-fit blitz? Don’t worry about a hard workout, because you have plenty of time for
that after you start trying to lose the baby weight.

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