ISU Research on the Benefits of Running

after my name is DC lee I’m an assistant professor in
kinesiology department Iowa State University and my research
focuses on physical activity epidemiology so I looked at the the
benefits of exercise or physical activity on various
as outcomes like cardiol vascular disease or diabetes
obesity or mortality this study includes a about 55,000 men
and women and and we followed them out for about 15
years and we found runners compared to
non-runners a to live about three years longer and then they can also reduce risk of
mortality by know from heart disease stroke about and 45 percent compared to non runners. runners had a
lower risk of death by heart attack and stroke most people the say they don’t have time to exercise to increase their
physical activity but I think you know almost everyone can
find five to 10 minutes per day to run. It has
benefits so I believe you know more people will
be motivated I study and or that they can start running and
continue to run we also looked at the running speed and
mortality risk and then we found that even in the
running less than six miles per hour was good enough to reduce again you know
they’re risk of death buy any cause
cardiovascular disease so it doesn’t really matter you know
their speed or amount or duration of running because we also
found that people who run less than an hour per week had the same
amount of benefits compared to
people who run three hours or more per week so it might be true that you know the more may not be the better in terms
of running in mortality is and this studying population there
are many different type up you know sports
exercise and physical activity running is one out the convenient
leisure-time physical activity people don’t know need to buy any
equipment they can run anywhere you know in the in the park,
of course at the gym, any places so I think you know it’s it’s important
that the can increase their health benefits by running five to 10 minutes per day these days I think alot of people think obesity you know house risk and they try to lose
their body weight but I think in this study also we found that
promoting running is as important as you know reducing
smoking rates will help obesity hypertension from a health perspective so I think they are you know publichealth people should focus on
promoting more physical activity in addition to you know reducing smoking hypertension rates and

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