Former President Donald Trump came under fire Saturday night after he appeared to refer to Russian President Vladimir Putin as “Vladimor.”

While speaking at the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, Trump said: “China is not a problem. If you have the right leadership, Russia is not a problem. They would never have done what they did, believe me, they would never have done And I spoke with Vladimir.

Trump has repeatedly weighed how he would handle the ongoing war in Ukraine, saying he could end the war in 24 hours. Trump has also previously noted that he would have “made a deal” for Moscow to claim parts of Ukraine, had he been in power when the Russian invasion took place. On Saturday, Trump reiterated claims that he could end the conflict in Ukraine within 24 hours.

Former Defense Department official Mike Walker took to Twitter to comment on Trump’s comments, saying: “Trump doesn’t seem to be cohesive tonight.”

California Democratic Congressman Robert Garcia also tweeted: “I think he meant Voldemort.”

Foreign policy analyst Laura Rozen also took to Twitter saying, “what?”

Army veteran Skyleigh Heinen commented saying, “Vlad still has Trump in his pocket, but damn it sounds as absurd as ever. Bye Vlad, this train is officially crashing.”

news week has reached out to the Trump campaign by email for comment.

Meanwhile, political analyst and Dillard University professor Robert Collins said news week on Saturday that Trump “seems like his memory and certain details are slipping away from him. That’s a problem for him because he constantly attacks Biden for having dementia. If Trump begins to show signs of memory failure, those attacks will lose power. Furthermore, “Polls show that a majority of the American people believe that both Trump and Biden are too old to run for president and that they would rather choose among younger candidates. This just solidifies those views.”

Recent NBC poll shows that a majority of registered voters are concerned that Biden does not have the “necessary physical and mental health” to be president. The poll also shows that voters are also concerned about Trump’s mental and physical health. The poll was conducted between June 16 and 20 with a margin of error of 3.1 and surveyed 1,000 registered voters.

Collins also added: “He [Trump] he does not seriously believe that he can end the war in 24 hours. Like him, he never seriously believed that he could get the Mexican government to pay for a border wall. But he makes these campaign promises to dump red meat on his base, knowing that his memories are short-lived and that he won’t be held accountable when promises are broken.”

During his speech, Trump also saying the media claimed that he was “soft on Russia”. Continuing, Trump said: “We wiped out all those tanks with the guns, I gave them, think of all the sanctions I put in, and yet I got along with Putin. But the apple of his eye was Ukraine. I said Vladimir don. I didn’t you do. It will be so bad for you if you do. We will hit you harder than anyone has ever hit you.”

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WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA – JULY 15: Former US President Donald Trump arrives on stage to speak at the Turning Point Action conference as he continues his 2024 presidential campaign on July 15, 2023 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Trump spoke at the event held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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