It’s Time to Team Up

Hey, CrossFitters, Rory McKernan here with Tommy Marquez. We’ve got some good news for you guys. Registration is live now for the Team
Series. You get to pick any two men and any two women, you don’t have to train the same
affiliate, you don’t even have to live in the same state, as long as you do the
workouts together, anything goes. There will be three primary divisions this year: Open, which is for all ages, there’s the the Masters, which is 40-plus, and then there’s the Teen Division, which is from 14 to 17 years
old. There’s two competition weeks in this year’s Team Series— September 8th and October 6th. It’s a six-day competition week, released on a Tuesday, you gotta submit your scores by
Monday at 5 p.m. Each time we release a workout, we’ll release two versions—an Rx’d version and a scaled version, so if you’re like Ro here and you have to do one scaled, it doesn’t prevent you from doing the next workout Rx’d and moving yourself up the leaderboard. Thank God. If you’re as good as Tommy, you can compete for the cash prize of
$30,000. That’s the top prize for the Open Division; we’ll pay out all the way
through 10th place, they’ll take 7 grand. There’s no reason not to participate. Go right now, find three teammates, sign
up on the CrossFit Games website, verify all of your teammates via email, and then the easy part: Compete.

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