Something happened today at the start of my workout that really pissed me off and it’s starting to get me to realize that the whole Gym industry the commercial gym industry is going completely in the wrong direction And I can probably assume that a lot of you are going to agree with me because I read the comments on my YouTube channel And a lot of guys are complaining about the same stuff that I’m going to talk about So went to the gym today, I was all pumped man. I was going to go in I was gonna do some awesome dead lifting then I was going to go to a nice chest and back workout nice High Volume chest and back workout I was really gonna crush it today and so I started off with Dead lifting I put 225 on the bar, and I did a set of 10 repetitions stop and go so touch the floor come back up as soon as I finished my set I got the gym owner walking over to me Telling me that I can’t be slamming his weights because I’m gonna break his floor, and I’m gonna ruin it for other members in the gym And I’m looking at him like Completely caught off guard number one because I’ve known this guy since I was 14 years old And I worked in that gym for eight years not to mention I built every single machine in there forklifted treadmills to the second floor and I laid down the rubber on the floor He’s claiming that I’m gonna break and so I’m just looking at him, and I’m like you know what I’m like, okay No problem like I was I was so mad you know and so This has been happening a lot and a lot and you guys are complaining about how getting yelled at deadlifting in gyms It’s gonna break the floor are you out of your mind? Are you mental that floor has been there for 14 years and there were no, there’s no indication of any Damage to the rubber or the floor underneath that’s 14 years of people dead lifting slamming weights all kinds of stuff Weights and gyms, nowadays, they’re not those old-school metal ones They’re all coated with a real thick layer of rubber why? To prevent the floors and the rubber from getting damaged from lifting heavy there is absolutely No, way that me dead lifting and my max is only 521 so it’s not it’s not like I’m doing working sets with over 500 pounds working sets with 300 400 pounds Dispersed across you know, how wide it is on each side of the bar is not going to damage the floor That’s like asinine to think that it makes no sense But that’s not why I was getting yelled at I was getting yelled at because I was actually training hard and I was doing Exercises that actually build muscle and build strength because gyms Nowadays they cater to a select few that actually complain about being intimidated or not feeling comfortable it’s like you know what these are the people who are going to quit after two or three months of going to the gym and You’re really doing a disservice to the members that are going to your gym We actually want to stick with it and get it done and get good Results and my point of all this is is like gyms like Planet fitness have really got the ball rolling on what it means to be a douche bag gym owner And you do things like taking it like the planet fitness in my area. I just heard from a friend today They’re taking all the benches out, and they’re bringing all the weights down to like 55 pounds all the dumbbells and it’s like How are you supposed to go in and get a workout and they claim to be a judgment-free zone They’re the most judgmental Gym out there somebody should go to as many planet fitnesses as they can and get kicked out and have them sign a paper saying why they were kicked out for lifting too much or Grunting and then sue shit out of them for being the most Judgmental gym and they claim in their ads that they’re not the judgment-free zone anyways back to the topic at hand so What’s happening with the gym industry right now like the commercial gym industry it’s ridiculous my gym. Used to have an amazing sound system The gym that I go to I know you guys are going to say Scott you have your own studio So why do you go to the gym? I like going to the gym It’s a change of atmosphere plus like I said I built this place. I worked it for eight years My gym used to have that one of the best sound systems ever and then they slowly kept turning down the volume because the one Or two people would complain the music was too loud, and it’s like when you go to a gym You need to feel Energized you need to walk in that door and feel like wow I can’t wait to get to the weight floor and work hard when I go to my gym if I don’t have my headphones I feel like I’ll fall asleep because I don’t even turn the radio on anymore half the speakers are hanging off the wall You know what? I mean, it’s like. It’s ridiculous, and it’s like who they catering to when you’re in school do you hang out with the dumb kids who do drugs and expect to graduate the top of your class or Do you hang out with the smart kids same thing like a gym when you go work out Let’s say even if you’re a beginner And you’re just starting out What’s going to motivate you watching all the other lazy people do nothing and lift barely any weights and read magazines While they’re doing the leg extension machine or on their phone while they’re doing crunches is that going to motivate you to lift? Or is it the dudes that are actually lifting heavy and looking good or the women that are lifting heavy and looking good and doing deadlifts and squats and benchpress and all these other you know compound amazing exercises that gyms like planet fitness and possibly mine in the future are going to tell you you can’t do because we’re a judgment-free zone, and that’s somehow judging us and making us feel uncomfortable it’s like what is going on with this industry and It’s getting to the point too at my gym where I’m being targeted, and it’s like okay. You’re telling me that I’m gonna break the floor and it’s going to ruin the floor for the other members my gym Literally the floor didn’t get vacuumed for two months, and I text the owner. I’m like dude I sent a photo dust bunnies that were this big and like this floor has not been vacuumed in two months it’s disgusting nobody can do any stretching on the floor didn’t get a text back But I saw that dude the one of the maintenance guys come out with a backpack back on all of a sudden vacuuming the floor in my gym It’s a big deal if I deadlift But the Trainer’s cannot help anybody I usually end up helping people for free giving them advice They don’t help anybody they don’t go on the floor and put weights away nothing gets done, but why are we being targeted? Why are the people who are training hard Being the ones that are targeted and why is the why is the gym industry trying to say that we’re the bad guys? How are we the bad guys? We’re the only ones that will go to the gym and train hard and want to help the people around us Because the lazy people that work there don’t want to help you They just want you to buy training and then pass you off to one of their trainers doesn’t do shit Doesn’t do anything granted there are some good trans in the world lately when I go to gyms All I see them doing is the same stuff that they’re taught from day one, and it’s like circuit training on machines Or all these random exercises that make no sense when combined to each other It’s just it’s just ridiculous, and so you know I needed to vent a little bit with you guys I want to know what you think like what do you think of the the gym industry now? And how gyms are starting to train the perfect gym for me I go to another another Franchise called Best Fitness my friend owns that you walk in that gym The music’s blaring people are working out people are dead lifting people are squatting people are benching. There’s classes going on There’s no like cliques everyone’s just happy to be there people are nice people talk to each other and do you know why? Because you walk in that gym, and you feel energized because people are nice people are talking people are working hard. It’s good energy all around You go into a gym where you’re afraid to lift a dumbbell Because the lunk alarm is gonna go off how does that motivate you how does that make you want to better yourself? It doesn’t it doesn’t do anything for you besides discourage you from wanting to train hard, okay? I don’t need pizza After my workout and a little pat on my butt and say that I did a good job today exciting lift heavy weights and I didn’t do any dead lifting and disturb the peace a gym is a place Where you go to train hard gym is a place where you go to sweat your butt off It doesn’t mean you can’t socialize. I talk to all kinds of people at the gym I do it on my rest period It’s not a big deal but don’t go there and socialize while curling like five pound dumbbells and try to Tell my friends and family that I’m training hard when I go to the gym sore subject for me But I won’t know what you guys think I want to know what you guys think of the industry in general What’s happening with gyms? What could be done to better gyms? and how we should go about fixing the problem the only one good thing actually happened today and Because my gym is such a dirty trashy place because it’s not taking care of the parking Lot is never cleaned there’s weeds all over the place, and this is like I said it’s a nice gym It’s 65,000 square feet. It’s parking lot used to have people come take care of it every single week Flowers planted mulch all kinds of stuff anyways two weeks ago I lost one of my wrist wraps and today I just happened to park in the same parking spot where I must have Dropped that out of my bag Because I was so pissed when we left the gym Me and Erica are talking as we get to the car and so I looked down and stepped off the sidewalk And I found my strap on the ground under some leaves and some other trash Just laying there waiting for me to pick it up, and I’m like I picked it up And I held it up to Erica that was covered in like Leaves and trash, and she’s looking at me like what why do you pick that disgusting thing up? I’m like it’s my wrist wrap. I found it. I lost this two weeks ago So that was pretty cool anyways be sure to like and subscribe leave those comments down in the comment section below you know what we’re going to have to start opening our mouths and get this in gym industry to change if any of you takes Me up on my offer to go to Planet fitness and get kicked out as many as possible Make sure you let me know because it was my idea. I want a percentage of that I Hope you guys have a great weekend. I’ll talk to you later If you’re looking for our website that lets you build your own profile interact with other community members Log your daily meal plan and add your own custom foods Find the exact routines you are looking for to reach your goals on a weekly basis New recipe ideas to help improve your meal plan and you enjoy learning new things to take your workouts to the next level Join muscularstrength.com, what’s your maximum output?

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