Jack3d Forced To Switch To New Formula – HERE’S WHY! (it’s bad)

[Music Intro] What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, AthleanX.com.
Now, what is it about this email that has me so fired up that I had to do a video about
it? As I said, it has to do with supplements. And I think in order for me to really have
an impact that I want it to have for you guys, and I hope to God you will have the same feelings
I do by the time I am done here, I want to set it up with a few things I can
show you on my computer. So, let’s take a look at the computer screen. As you see here, back in 2011, March 26, 2011,
I did a video about what I call preworkout poisons. Alright? In my sights, clearly in
my sights at that point, was 1-3 dimethylamylamine, and its inclusion in the preworkout supplements,
the majority of the preworkout supplements that were on the market at the time. Now, at that time, we were just getting started
on creating the AthleanRX supplement line. As I have told you guys in multiple videos
before this, one of my main focuses was we wanted to raise the bar on supplement industry. Little did I know I was going to have to raise
the health bar as well because we are researching exactly every ingredient that will go in our
3 bottles here. We wanted to make sure that we are putting not only the most effective
and best, but make sure that we are putting the healthiest ingredients in here. Well, apparently, a lot of other manufacturers
didn’t really care about that because, in researching 1-3 dimeth as a potential ingredient
in our formulas at the time, what we found out was pretty disturbing. Ok. So, here are some of the studies that came
across my desk. I know you may not be into the research, and I don’t want to bore you
with all the numbers, but I do want to get across here why my reaction is what it is,
and why I might seem a little bit out of character here in this video. First and foremost, from the Journal of ‘the
physician and Sportsmedicine’, it was a study done on the ‘Effects of 1,3-Dimeth and Caffeine
Alone or in Combination on Heart Rate and Blood Pressure in Healthy Men and Women.’ So, most people I hope who are taking these
supplements are healthy. But, God forbid, the guy that’s not all that healthy when he
starts. The conclusion here was heart rate right here was unaffected by treatment, but
blood pressures were higher with geranamine which is the same thing here as 1,3 dimeth, and it says ‘we report for the first time
acute ingestion of 1,3 dimethylamylamine alond and in combination with caffeine resultd in
an increase in SBP [which is systolic blood pressure], DBP, and without an increase in
HR [heart rate]. Now, first and foremost guys, when you are
exercising, it is normal to have an increase in heart rate and an increase in blood pressure.
It is a normal biological response. An increase in blood pressure with no increase
in heart rate, IS NOT NORMAL. It’s set up to cause lots of bad problems which leads
us to the next study here, which I can actually close this one for now. Close this. Next study. ‘Use of Recreational Drug 1,3-Dimethylethylamine
(DMAA) Associated With Cerebral Hemorrhage.” Now, I’m not sure if that is what you guys
are really after when you are looking for that preworkout buzz, but certainly the guys that were doing this
weren’t probably hoping to experience that. No worries. That’s apparently still safe,
right? Now we move on to the next one. Toxicology. Journal of Toxicology. ‘Exposures
to DMMA, another name for this stuff, containing products reported to Texan poison centers.
This is just in Texas. 2010 to 2011, identified and selected factors were examined. A total of 56 exposures were found of which
75% were reported during 2011. OxyElite Pro was the reported product in 80.4% of the exposures. So, let’s scroll down a little bit. The most
frequently reported effects were tachycardia [which is rapid heart rate] so here they are saying it does cause that so God knows what you are going to find nausea and vomiting. The most common treatment for this dilution, food, and activated charcoal So, unless your postworkout is including,
I guess, charcoal, you’re screwed. Right? So, all this research comes across my desk makes me clearly understand that we need to
get rid of it, first of all but second of all, what in the hell is it
doing in the preworkouts on the market if all this research is out there and manufacturers
are still doing it. And I can tell you why. Because they were lining their pockets, guys,
on any preworkout from Jack3d And I don’t care if the company gets pissed
or not They had it in both of their products. And others. I am not picking on them, though
because in this screen that you can see here It wasn’t just one company You got a list of companies right down here
many of which you guys are familiar with And here are the products that had it in it. Again, why were they just sitting around,
continuing to offer this stuff to you guys, and not doing anything about it? Finally, the FDA finally steps in. Thank God! This is what we were hoping for when I made
the video make in 2011. I predicted that this stuff would be taken
off the market. Finally, the FDA steps in a year later. Here’s their action. [Jeff is reading the blue highlighted area
under the second heading, What is FDA doing to remove DMAA-containing dietary supplements
from the market?] FDA sent warning letters to a total of 11
companies advising them that DMAA-containing products marketed as dietary supplements are
illegal and must be takenoff the market or sormulated to remove DMAA. These 11 companies
account for most of the DMAA products sold in the United States. This actin was taken
to protect consumers and get these products off the sheves as quickly as possible. Now. What does all that mean? Well, guys,
finally the FDA stepped in and said Let’s do something about it. I had already planned on stepping in to try
to do something about it. Again, guys, I have made videos about my supplements
in the past. This is not about me pushing my supplements. Take them if you want to take them. I’m telling you. This is the best supplement
line that is out there for many, many reasons. Ok. All the research that went into it was for
a reason, but take that out of consideration. All I’m telling you guys is… These supplements were created and born out
of this type of stuff, this type of crap that we find when we look at the supplement industry. Now. The email. Ok, because this is the kicker
of it all. So, now the email comes and crosses my desk.
You gotta come look at this computer again. So, right here, right into my gmail, this
is what I see. We have an ad from (this is a supplement company
that I buy my protein bars from, this is a company that I trust and buy my protein bars
from each and every month) Here’s what I get. An ad for OxyElite Pro
and Jack3d. I am going to read to you right here what it says for Jack3d. […it’s been our #1 selling pre-workout supplement
for years and now it is no longer being produced. We are down to 2 flavors, Lemon Lime and Classic
Fruit Punch, and what we have in stock is it! If you want to get your hands on some
of the last remaining bottles you should act fast…quantities on these are extremely limited
and quickly selling off. Get it before this original formula is gone forever! Only $21.95!!
SHOP NOW WHAT THE BLEEP IS THIS!!! Guys, seriously! This is ridiculous. When I see this, and excuse
my language, but if you guys are offended by that, I am sorry. When I do these videos
for you guys, I do them with a purpose. I try to put either workouts, nutrition advise,
or supplementation advise, the best that I can, in your hands, to let you guys decide. Ok?! I try to give you guys the best that
I got, and the most information I have, to be able to help you guys. THIS is not helping. Ok. It is not helping
me and it’s not helping you, and it’s not helping anybody else that’s on this list that
got this email Because if there’s a kid that doesn’t know
any better, and he thinks that he’s got to get this stuff, and rush out when you clearly
do not have to have that to get the results as anybody that has taken RX1 can tell you. You don’t need this stuff to get the results,
you just need to be a little bit more well-thought out to have a better supplement. Period. And that’s what we did. So, guys, again, I’m fired up here. I am,
again, a little bit out of character, but THIS is what’s wrong with the supplement industry. When this type of email can go out, who has
really got your back?? Who is really trying to look out for you? They’re just trying to
get this shit off their shelves so they can clear it out for the next hot ingredient that’s
proven to be just as dangerous years down the road. The same way ephedrine was before. Alright? So, guys, again, we will be back
in the gym next week, and we’ll be doing the stuff that you guys know and love, but I had
to make this video because I got this email And it got me kinda worked up, and [Jeff smiles]
(as you can see) a little bit out of character but again, I think it has to be said. If it’s up to me entirely to try to raise
the bar on the supplement industry, I swear to hell I’ll do it. Ok?! I will do the most I can do to the best I
can, and it starts for us right here. Alright? But I can’t control everything else, so the
least I can do is spread the knowledge for you guys. Alright. That’s it. I’m done. I’m gonna go
take a breather and get myself ready. I’m gonna go work out, actually, and try to lower
my blood pressure [grins] I will see you guys back here next week. In
the meantime, stay safe, try to stay away from all this junk, guys, and I promise to
be a little bit calmer next week. I’ll see you guys back here in 7 days!

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  1. barely started taking your three pack of pre post and recovery, can feel the difference now and am actually encouraged to continue this lifestyle.

  2. Funny, Jack3D is in the Ad below the video. Jeff, I recently came upon your videos and really like your workout and dietary options when it comes to maximizing the time you have. Keep it up!

  3. Supplements=All about the money no matter what statement and referring this and that research,thats just the way it goes!!!

  4. terrifying knowing all the finer details about this stuff. how it passed testing is completely beyond me and the fact that jack3d was still trying to be pushed after DMMA was slogged with a ban is harrowing

  5. Anyone know where names like "1,3-dimethylamylamine" come from, as opposed to using the actual IUPAC name, which is 4-methylhaxan-2-amine?

  6. Bet he still buys from that same company, lol, anyway I bought 6 tubs of such and such brand and will be buying another bunch of tubs, that's just me, cheers.


  8. how many YouTuber that know what there talking about reviewing jack3d and can't even say it right 😂😂 it's jacked not literally pronounced jack-3D

  9. This report is fucking bullshit. Only 5 deaths ever recorded from this stuff, most of which involved pre existing conditions and also alcohol.

    Cigarettes cause 480,000 deaths a year – and perfectly legal.


  10. He mentions all these studies yet says nothing about DOSAGE. A tiny little scoop of caffeine will KILL YOU WITHOUT QUESTION, yet millions of doctors all over the world make a conscious decision to consume caffeine every day. Have these doctors made a cost benefit analysis and decided that caffeine intake is worth the risk of death? NO, because there IS NO RISK OF DEATH when consuming caffeine, because there exists such a thing as a SAFE. DOSEAGE.

  11. Bodybuilders take steroids, injections, orals and many other ingredients that aren't healthy but get results. People took jack3d (dmaa) because it works and feels great, it's not taken for health reasons, it's taken for emotional and performance reasons just like all the other steroid and performance enhancements. The majority of users, knew its effects, but ignore them, just like anyone who take recreational drugs.

    Almost everything has bad effects on health, many things in food products.

    If anything needs banned, it's cigarettes and alcohol…which are more toxic and effect more people.

    I used jack3d for years with 1 month on/1 month off cycle and I was in the best shape on my life, I also do regular health checks and I'm very healthy with zero adverse conditions. It's about being sensible with the quantity, diet and hydration while on the products. Also is never used while running, it's for gym use only. Thats common sense.

    You can guarantee the people that died. Already had heart conditions and/or took 4-6 scoops. Or didn't increase dosages (test and adjust) like you're supposed too, to test tolerance.

    Funny how he is bothered about a couple of guys that take performance enhancement, which only caused problems with 0.02% of its users, which is better results than any drug or alcohol..and more people died from obesity than jack3d.

  12. There is literally an ad for Jack3d right below this video as I'm watching it. I guess their algorithm works. haha

  13. Hi Jeff
    can you please do a video for vegetarian diet? how to get get protein and ideal food for protein and carbs balance.

    Tha k you

  14. No need to bleep out "FUCK". It's a powerful word that needs to be used more often in my opinion. Anyone who gets offended by "fuck" can go fuck themselves.

  15. Hexamine was and still is on the wada list. That should tell you plenty. Stimulants don't get to be on the list if it's not proven to be harmful. If that were the case cafeine would also be on the list. Give me creatine, beta alanine , cop, citruline and taurine and the main ingredients in a preworkout plus vit b and a low dose of caffeine.

  16. because it works and if you take it correctly there are not any problems. unfortunately people are stupid. religion of statism

  17. how the fuck are you gonna promote a suppliment while talking shit about another? they are all made in the same fucking lab

  18. Dan duchaines Original ephedra based Ultimate Orange was the first and last pre workout supplement. nothing before or after since has compared. end thread/

  19. Jeff, your current rx1 formula is awesome but it kills my stomach, do you have any tips on how to take it to be able to keep down the full recommended scoop?

  20. So how come there is still a lot of pre workouts in America with DMAA in it ?? I'm from Australia it's completely banned here

  21. sorry not sorry jeff. its not the goverments or federally regulated bodys job to tell me what i can and cant put into my body. end of.

  22. will keep saying it. Jeff is no.1 on YouTube. for health, fitness strength, weight loss. and healthy life style changes. but most important TRUTH. keep it up jeff.


  24. I was a member at world gym in the 90's. They had a pre workout drink that contained all kinds of stuff. Whey and soy protein isolates and what was that stuff? Ephedrine. That's it. I would burn through my workouts until the day I read the ingredients. It's illegal to put ephedrine in supplements these days.


  26. what about DMHA? i think most pre workout powders are bad for your health, just found out i have kidney problems and im a very healthy individual??? the doctor warned me off the powder, strangely i feel better now. was takjng bsn no explode. nasty stuff!

  27. dude stfu ……those shity ass protien shakes that u use are not that good either….anyways preworkouts in small dosages is ok….

  28. All pre workout is garbage. It's all chemicals. Straight anminos and protein is all you need. Coffee is the best pre workout.

  29. Omg I'm taking mesomorph and it has DMAA 😂😂 I kill the fucking gym but for some odd reason I feel mentally fucked up the rest of the day. Scary enough that it made me stop. Of course, everyone has their own unique side effects.

  30. the only reason they band it was because those marines died and they shouldn't have taken it. they were under severe heat and stress.

  31. The FDA rejected aspartame until the articial sweetener was seen to be a gold mine and they got their own boy installed and guess what, it was approved. The FDA… Haha I don't believe a god damn word they say.

  32. thanks for looking out for us Jeff!! and by the way, i like the out of character side of Jeff!! it shows his passion!!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  33. DMAA wasn't even that bad. Retards just overdosed and decided to pair it with cardio and/or other sources of caffeine and stupid shit activity. The synergistic effect that it had with caffeine made it the only other ingredients next to caffeine even worth a fuck. All that other shit just fillers and bull fuck!

  34. Just came across this video again after a few years, and wondering how tf is Jeff inversely aging ??? If this is his look back in 2013, what has he been taking?

  35. I was using Jack3d back in 2013-2014 and I was Healthy no health problem. After a year of taking it I started having Tachycardia I stopped it and went to the doctor he told me that I was healthy but that the jack3d messed up with my heart rhythm. Now in 2018 im still struggling with irregular heart beat even if I stopped taking preworkout or even caffeine for 4years.

  36. Please please please please please please can you sell you suppermans in the UK please please please please please

  37. I only got a little nausea with long term use of the old Jack3d. I thought it was decent stuff, just a little expensive at the time. Got great results using it, and the “buzz” was barely better then anything else on shelves at the time. Didn’t enjoy the OxyElite Pro though- not at all.

  38. It sold well because as a pre-workout supplement it works very very well. Is it extra risky? Yes. Lots of people take risky stuff like steroids or other drugs. The clean companies like yours were jealous that the supplements with DMAA sold more and worked better. But, I respect companies that don't want to sell risky stuff. The average person needs a clean supplement supplier like you.

  39. Not a big surprise that blood pressure increased. It is an effect of caffeine ingestion, so obviously the blood pressure will rise significantly further to much more potent substances like amphetamine like substances, which 1,3 dimethyl (and various modern versions) pretty much is.

  40. I had a sezuire on origial Jack 3D – I had been taking it for two
    weeks and it really fucked me up. But I tell you what those 2 weeks I never pumped weights like that before and was still buzzing for several hours after. Crazy shit. But yeah obviously stopped taking it after the sezuire.

  41. I used to take jack3d before clubbing! Extra buzz and when it came time to getting a boner the NO was AWESOME

  42. Irrelevant! They never banned cigaretes which kill 50% of its users, so what's the point lol. Just do what the fuck you want to do ✌️

    Let me say it once more, half of the smokers will die & they did the decidion consciously. None cares mate

  43. Used to dry shot a scoop of Jack3D followed by a swig of water. Unleash WAR on the weights! Man I miss that rush. LOL

  44. Thank god for Jeff and Jim Stopanni. Both these guys have done great things for the supplement industry and back everything they do with actual science. If you look at both their pre and post, they are almost identical. Coincidence, I think not. I will never trust a supplement company like I trust JYM and RX. They are both fantastic!

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