J’apprends à sauter à la corde en 7 jours

Hello, my goal is to learn to jump rope like a pro. My challenge is to jump one minute non-stop. And for that, I will do 30 minutes of exercises every day. Let’s go! I need a jump rope. I took a model of speed that doesn’t weigh heavily. And who does not hurt if I miss. I saw that all the pros swing the rope on the side. It allows you to have the momentum to start and also to get used to the rhythm. Well, I don’t have the technique at all and it kept getting entangled. The beginning is quite painful but after I have begun to understand. Can you see me there or not? Nope Good, second day. It is already 18 hours. Wooa, I stayed long. Shit! I’m really starting to get to the end of my limits. I’m stressing! My legs! Ah no! Good evening! Good evening. Good luck! Thanks! Second day,… …finished. Here, go ahead. You stay too long! Well… Third day. Shit! Sorry, I’m going behind. No problem, go ahead. You must at least make a minute! No, … two. Two minutes?! Yeah, there is way. If I can make a minute, yes maybe. Frankly, one minute it’s already good. Come on! Ah no! I feel that I will succeed this challenge in three months … Ah noo! 24 seconds. 24 seconds?! I can’t believe it… Aaaah noo! 25 seconds On the end, I begged internally at my feet to jump! We are aiming 26 seconds then? That’s it. Thirty minutes a day, that’s enough. Third day finished. See you tomorrow. Day 4. Come on. 20 seconds?! At 5 seconds of my best time ?! I feel like I’m doing it better by concentrating. In fact in my mind, I have two balances. I have a speed balance with the speed of the rope… And my second balance is the strength I put in my jumps. And I am constantly doing this. But actually I’m doing … Ok I will try playing with my concentration. 35 seconds!! Ok I will try to redo. I already have pain. I’ll do like Gollum. What does it mean to have lost? In fact I last time I stopped because I was tired but I could continue. Oh yeah … Hello! Hello. I can’t anymore. 35 seconds, I doubt you can beat that. Wait! Its been 22 seconds. Don’t cheat! Come on, cheater, you launched it after! But I asked you to wait for me! Nope Well… She didn’t beat my score today… Damn, it hurts. Day 4 finished. See you tomorrow. I’m in the center there? Fifth day. For a start… 40 seconds!! I think I understood the trick. I think I need a day off because my legs … … are really hurts. This is the moment you are going to force? A little warm up before. Well… Now… We focus. This is the last straight line for exceed 40 seconds. This is the moment when I can almost force. Come on! Come on! Come on!! Nooooo!!! 55 seconds!!! Nooo! Nooo!! 55 seconds, I told you to continue! It’s to conclude the day. Day 5 finished. See you tomorrow. Day 6. Today I am really too tired. There I really sore legs and especially my calves. So, I will let my muscles rest for a whole day. So that tomorrow, … I succeed this challenge. And on this … See you tomorrow! Day 7 I gather the energy of the cosmos. Give me strength. Attempt number 1. Come on, come on, come on! Nooo! 57 seconds! Nooo!.. I asked you to continue! And to say that a week ago I didn’t know to do 3 seconds. Second attempt. There is a shirtless guy at the window, looking at me. Third attempt. False alert, fourth attempt. False start, fifth attempt. Ah no, I’ve an idea! In the anime, when they take off the clothes it is that it becomes serious and … … and they become stronger like that. Ok, let’s test … This is the real mode. ah noo! The bar of one minute seems so far away! The first 30 seconds … I thought of something else … I thought about the dog … That I saw on the side. I wasn’t thinking about jumping anymore … After the first 30 seconds, I remembered jumping, everything was going well. My legs were fine … I was fine … And when there remained the last 20 seconds … I screamed… You scream, I’m sick of it! My legs want to let go … They want to explode, I’m sick of it. We can’t get excited with a rope … I really give everything every time. Recover your spirits! one minute and 9 seconds !! I will show you what it looks like … … the area … Where I make the jump rope. Aaah … I’m tired. go ahead! We’re going back home. This is how to make 58 seconds? It hurts … At the throat! And here, the meal of victory! 2 hours and 55 minutes. This is the time it took me to jump rope for 60 seconds non-stop. Basically I just wanted to lose weight and I noticed that the jump rope was a good exercise for losing weight. The problem is that I do not know how to do jump rope at all. So I decided, … To transform this problem … In challenge. Mentally, it’s already more fun like that. And here’s the result. At day one of the challenge, … I weighed 91,8 kilos. At day seven of the challenge, … … I weigh … … 88,9 kilo. So a loss of 2.9 kilo. It’s huge in a week. Well, after that I do not just do that. I do 8 minutes of HIIT in the morning and 4 minutes in the evening. I eat healthy and balanced. And I allow myself full of cravings anyway, it’s not the opportunities that are missing. But either I digress. For me, to sweat and push my limits to learn something, even if it’s as trivial as jump rope. That’s cool! I also thank my girlfriend for stayed with me in the cold, it really motivates me to have someone. As usual,… Like! Share if you liked the video. And if you want to support me, … Subscribe It’s already good.

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  1. Félicitation champion, dommage que tu ne stream plus, j'aurai pu te donner des conseils en tant qu'ancien boxeur . #SachetDuLIDL

  2. J’ai une corde lourde Adidas je sais pas si ça change quelque chose mais j’ai moins de mal à tenir longtemps et elle s’emmêle jamais. Mdr quand tu jettes la corde de colère jpp

    Prochain challenge réussir un jeu vidéo d’horreur 👀

    Sunshany ✨

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