Jay Cutler’s Training Tips: Dumbbell Shoulder Press Technique

hey everyone it’s Jay Cutler and I’m here at
muscle & strength headquarters in their home gym and I’m here to demonstrate a
couple movements and this may be a basic exercise I’m going to show you the
shoulder press using dumbbells you might say to yourself you know what I know how
to do that exercise I’ve done it a million times well listen I have to but
I see so many people in the gym doing this exercise wrong okay what we’re
going to focus on with this I’m going to show you the point of the top of the
contraction and then a lower portion I see too many people in the gym doing
short range of motion either locking out which is not the right thing to do or
coming down not far enough really getting that contraction out of the
shoulders okay so we have an inclined bench okay which you can use any kind of
bench that has a back you know back top here you can basically just anything to
stabilize the back it’s a lot easier to press I mean sometimes I do presses
without any stabilization of the back so what we’re going to focus on with this
exercise okay solid foot position okay give yourself
remember everything starts with a base start with a dumbbell is okay starting
position we’re going to come up we’re going to come and really contract okay
only to about here now when you’re coming up a lot of people tend to click
the dumbbells together or extend too far work the triceps into movement not the
right thing to do okay so I’m going to demonstrate the right way to perform the
exercise to get the most contraction out of the out of the shoulders with less
amount of the other body parts coming into play okay so we’re really going to
come down nice and far get a nice contraction but the main thing to really
come down deep enough to get that contraction in the shoulders no short
reps no cheating lighten up the weight if you
can’t perform the full motion of the exercise we’re going to focus on 10 to
12 repetitions getting the most out of the shoulder contraction and move on
from there ok so starting position okay like I said footing a big good
platform starting position here up ok come all
the way down almost to touch the shoulders and up as you see I’m not
locking out at the top that I’m really just coming up really getting a
contraction keeping constant tension on the shoulders okay full controlled
repetitions okay I see too many people not coming down further enough and then
going too high with the top of the movement not touching the dumbbells
together now treat it like it’s almost a barbell and that’s the right way to do a
dumbbell shoulder press

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  1. He's huge! Can't wait to see him compete again. I still remember those crazy quads when he came in shredded 2003!!

  2. Is it wrong if i hold dumbbells in another direction?I mean,i just change the direction of my wrist (i mean,normally your pinkie is facing to your sides,but my pinkie is facing forward)

  3. Is there any advantage compared to barbell presses (except the dumbbells don't hit one in the head)?

  4. Finally got up to 70 lbs with these little bastards. I noticed when you bring your pinkies up and thumbs lower on the lift it works triceps more, at least I feel sore myself there.

  5. He's right here. Past a certain point during this press, the humerus does not raise any further so any additional movement would just be done by the triceps. That would be a waste of energy if you are focusing on shoulders. Same applies to all pressing movements, I see too many people just trying to lift weight rather than take the muscle group thru its full range of motion and only its full range of motion.

  6. quick question, how much angle should be there on the bench, as I make it 90 degree and curve my back a bit, which sometimes dont end up well.

  7. 3 important tips for free that is not mentioned in this video:

    1- Use your hips to get the dumbbells to the starting point if you struggle.
    2- Lower that bench for 10-15 degrees to decrease the arc in your back and take the pressure off.
    3- Lay your head to the back and don't move it while you are lifting and beware that the dumbbells are not too ahead of your head. (It caused me pull a muscle on my neck since the neck takes the pressure if the dumbbells are too ahead).

  8. I had this personal trainer trying to tell me to lock out.. I tried telling him that I was keeping tension on the muscle, but he said otherwise. Trying to tell me to lighten the weight even tho the form was spot on.

  9. Thank u jay. I do the same form. But at times whenever. I. Go on 70 lbs. for shoulder dumbbell press. I feel bit of catch in my right rear delt. Next day which stays for atleast 2 to 3 days . I had. Did injured my shoulder few years back but it's better. Now. Is there anyone who could help me

  10. Good video, but I disagree with not locking out. 1) It's bad for the elbow joints to work in partials over a lenghty peroid of time. 2) The shoulders are under constant tension at the top… 3) Why not bring the triceps in? That will make a way better carry over to the bench press etc. It's things like these that make people spent way much more time in the gym than needed

  11. who can argue would Jay Cutler? standing would be better and involving triceps would be more beneficial. the body was not to be used by isolation and carry over to functionality would be better with fewer iso moves.

  12. So if you have splits like back, chest+shoulders etc, but when you do back, the next day you're soar in your back as well as you biceps, does that mean that you didn't isolate the back enough and let the bicep involve too much?

  13. Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but look at his right bicep. It looks different from his left. Old injury? (I don't know much about Cutler).

  14. I am really confused i see this that says to set the arms almost out to the side of the shoulder. Then i see other videos that say your arms kneed to be about at a 30 degree bend

  15. I was wondering I saw some where that u should position your arms almost like your doing a arnold press. Also should you square your shoulders when you do a shoulder press

  16. Sorry jay I don't agree ! Coming down below parallel puts a lot stress on the rotator cuff muscles and that's not full range of motion.

  17. LOL! I love when ANYBODY tries to make weightlifting complicated. Heres how to do dumbell presses…..Up down, up down, up down. Rest repeat, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Excellent presentation on how to do a half-rep, high-incline chest press with dumbbells.  If you really want to exercise your shoulders, the standing dumbbell press, and weighted pull-ups, are the only way to go.

  19. jay I know you been Olympia and seem that may know a lot but I disagree with you on DB press technique because I think and It works for me when you actually touching DB at the tot of the movement. I feel much better shoulder stretch and fuller range of motion. The way you do it, it looks like you are the one who is cheating and cutting on range of motions. Going all the way to the top is very important . I know you said if you do that you hitting your triceps maybe I agree on that but its not big of a help anyway , And I don't see anything wrong if you hitting your triceps when you press. Its a natural body mechanism . Because when you do fuller range of motion obviously your body will automatically touches another body part to assist with that movement. Nothing wrong with that. When you bench press you hitting not only chest but bi and tri as well so nothing wrong with that. The fuller/longer/higher you go your body will hit another body part !

  20. Is it okay to keep arms straight out and wrists forward? I thought it was healthier to slightly rotate your grip forward …someone knowledgeable please help!

  21. Are you seriously trying to say that jay cutler isn't the man because of roids? Jay is probably in the top 5 best body builders of all time. It's great genetics. Take as many roids as you want and train your hardest and you won't be half the body builder as jay cutler. Don't be a Fuckin Hater Bitch!

  22. I can't get 100 lbs dumbbells from my quads up to starting point position but I can press them for 20 reps. That's weird I see some ppl they don't have a problem with it all

  23. too much of a pain in the ass doing db presses ..(getting them up – changing weights) , just rather do barbell presses..

  24. Jay why don't you demonstrate on how to stick the needle in your ass.. that would actually be more helpful than this bullshit

  25. In my opinion big guys like this appear too bulky and almost chubby in appearance. I wonder how healthy your heart can be with this amount of body to support?

  26. Just one of many things I have learned form Jay over the years. That and basmati rice and orange roughy are awesome
    I like to do mine with steamed asparagus too. And of course eziekiel bread and steel cut oats for my carbs but I have to say I don't like in and out Burger at all.

  27. So muscle and strength you have one vid saying don't go all the way down to nearly touch you're shoulders, and in this vid you have Jay saying go all the way down, so wich one is it because the other vid says if you go all the way down you injure you're shoulder, a bit contradicting don't you think?!

  28. He's using too much incline on the bench, letting the anterior deltoids and upper chest do the majority of the work. Why he's doing that is because I think he's lacking range of motion over head. He's basically showing you how to develop frozen shoulders.

  29. Darn! This is just 65 pounds and he's having a slight issue with it. Shows that he's no longer juicing it up and he doesn't have to since he's no longer competing professionally. Good for him. He needs to concentrate on his business and overall health!

  30. Mad how many people on here no more than 1 of the greatest bodybuilders of all time … get off ur key board n get on stage u sausages

  31. if i went all the way down my elbows would be at my hips. fuck that, im training my shoulders not destroying them

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