Jay Cutler’s Training Tips: Maximum Contraction Dumbbell Bench Press

all right four-time Mr Olympia Jay
Cutler here we’re here at muscle and strength in their brand new facility
their gym here and we’re here to demonstrate and perform the bench press
with dumbbells and I know a lot of people are watching saying ah and I
know how to do that exercise and and you know what I’ve seen videos of Jay doing
that before I want to show something a little different okay instead of just
pressing out 150 pound dumbbells and and repping it out I want to show a special
technique that I use and actually to really get the most contraction out of
the chest and the right way to perform the exercise with this exercise in all
exercises that include chest okay with a lot of the arch is very very important
so what you really want when you’re laying on the bench okay your chest
should be the highest point of the body so you have to create instead of laying
just totally flat okay it has to be a little arch to the chest to really keep
the chest up to really really bring in the contraction so when you’re pressing
those dumbbells up you really getting contraction out of the chest and
everyone always asks me what do i do inclines do i do decline do I do flat
what’s really going to target the chest there’s no better exercise than the flat
press now a lot of bodybuilders like myself stay away from the flat barbell
press okay it’s very risky it’s not a good on your joints what we focus on
more is using dumbbells because of course you can work isolaterally or you guys
on there that say all one side of my chest is smaller than the other this is
an ideal way to really isolate each pec individually and so I’m going to perform
the exercise and what you’re going to see is I’m going to do the exercise I’m
going to keep a nice arch to the chest okay I’m going to come up I’m not going
to touch the dumbbells together which are going to bring the triceps in I’m
really going to focus on the chest really just trying to get a contraction
okay the motion might look kind of short but you’re going to see that the chest
actually works and contracts each repetition okay ten or twelve
repetitions I would suggest more than eight no more
than probably twelve or thirteen okay so I’m gonna start off okay basic exercise
okay nice arch the chest up contract all the
way down contract up squeeze the chest don’t touch the dumbbells together we really accentuate that arch in the
back to keep that chest really high contract everything is controlled okay
I’m really pausing at the top get that squeeze and up so there’s right and
wrongs to every chest training exercise but this is definitely the right

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