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When I got on that scale and it almost said 200, I was
in shock. So, doing something about it was my only option. [Music] My initial goal was to feel better about myself. I was tired
of looking in the mirror and seeing things I didn’t like. I didn’t like the pictures that I saw of myself, so I needed
somebody to be there behind me, telling me what to do, giving me instructions, and pushing me to my max. So, I
went to LA Fitness, and they recommended a trainer there, Armando. And the first time I trained with him, I loved
him, so I’ve been with him ever since. You’re gonna do this, like this. Today we did a little bit of burpies and step-ups that I put
together. The reason why I put weights and cardio, ’cause you burn more fat easily. So, I was, I put her through some ab exercises.
Throwing the ball side to side so you can burn the midsection area. Some step-ups and lap put-down just to burn the legs and
then so, a full body burpie and a step-up. This might be a little hard. Just make
sure your foot’s in the right place. Besides going to the gym, I like to escape to Camelback. It’s not
only a great workout, it’s an awesome way to clear your head, it’s a stress reliever. You start with the stairs and then you get to
rocks, you have to climb up the rocks, I mean it’s not just legs. You are using your whole body to get up this mountain, and then at
the end it is so worth the view. It is beautiful. This is why I love coming up here, because you can
see things you would not see from down there. My daily routine is hard. Working twelve-hour
night shifts is never easy on anybody. But I just have to keep telling myself, “There’s a goal that
I have to reach and I’m gonna do it.” You know, he’s willing to train me early in the morning and I’m willing
to do it, so with both of us together, it’s gonna get done. I really admire her a lot, and I always tell her “I love
you” and “I’m really proud of you,” ’cause she works 12-hour shifts, and after that, she comes to work out. She comes ’cause she’s dedicated to get
that goal, to raise that goal, to lose weight, and to get in shape. The way I feel about myself right now, I definitely feel a lot better.
I feel happier. I like looking at myself in the mirror. I definitely want to lose more, and then after I lose more,
I want to maintain, and you know, I wanna get lean, and I wanna continue to eat healthy, but right now I feel great. My name is Jen. I’ve lost 45
pounds, and now I’m passing the ball.

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