actress and singer Jennifer Lopez is drawing criticism on social media for launching a line of alcoholic beverages despite previously saying he doesn’t drink.

In an Instagram video Tuesday, Lopez announced her new brand of flavored drizzled cocktails, called Delola.

“I’ve been grinding non-stop for decades, and more and more, I’m realizing the importance of enjoying life,” Lopez says in the ad. “I just wanted to create something better. Better taste, better ingredients, something I want to drink with my friends and family, and that’s Delola.”

The cocktails do not include the usual “artificial ingredients” and sugars that other drinks contain, and have about the same amount of alcohol as a glass of wine, Lopez says in the ad.

Lopez herself is shown holding one of the drinks with a straw in her mouth, but she doesn’t actually appear to take a sip of the drink.

Still, some fans said they were “disappointed and confused” by the actress/singer’s decision to promote alcohol consumption given that she has been outspoken about the negative health effects of drinking and that her husband, Ben Affleck, he has said that he is sober after completing treatment. by addiction to alcohol.

“Wow. I’m so disappointed and confused by the narrative he tells about how he doesn’t drink alcohol and all the benefits of not drinking. And his partner is sober? It doesn’t matter what kind of ‘good for’ its ingredients’ and ‘health labels’ ‘ (gluten-free) is in the alcohol, it’s still a cancer-causing toxin,” one Instagram user wrote in the comments section below the video.

The same user said she thought a non-alcoholic beverage line from Lopez would have been better received. “Now it’s just another celebrity alcohol brand,” she said.

Others criticized the move as “opportunistic” and a “money grab.”

“She doesn’t drink alcohol so just showing what she will do for money,” another Instagram user wrote.

A Delola spokesman declined to comment on the reaction.

“I haven’t been a big drinker in my whole life. For a long time, I didn’t drink anything,” Lopez said in a recent interview with food and wine. “But I’m very particular, and I wanted [Delola] be something that’s easy to pour over ice and drink.”

A source close to Lopez clarified her drinking habits, saying she has been photographed drinking at events throughout her career, but has chosen to limit her alcohol intake to improve both her health and appearance.

Other celebrities have launched spirits brands with varying success, including actor George Clooney, who in 2017 sold his Casamigos tequila business, which he created with two friends, to global beverage company Diageo for $1 billion.

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