Joey Gonzalez on the Success of Barry’s

Back in 1998, Barry’s Bootcamp
was 1,400 square feet. The toilet was in the studio. There was a door. But, if you had to go,
everybody knew. I mean, it was a very small,
no frills, intimate experience. Laura: That’s a family!
Joey: Yeah, talk about family. And, we have always, the way we have survived,
is through constant… constantly reinventing ourselves,
and constant innovation. It just hasn’t stopped. Right? And what I mean by that is when I opened Barry’s Chelsea, my partner, Jonathan, and I
came up with the Fuel Bar, which you saw down there. Which was this, sort of, elevated, protein shake,
supplement experience, so that we could help give people a nourishment that they needed. And, you know, whether it’s AL Carnitine to burn fat, or creatine to help you build muscle. We can actually educate them on what they should
be putting in their bodies. Right? So, there was innovation number one. Another innovation was, we never had locker rooms or showers. Because, like I said, nobody else did because
no one was around. So as we started to see
all of these places opening up, not only did we add
locker rooms and showers, but we added an amenities program that would, you know,
blow everybody out of the water. And we carry what’s called,
Oribe haircare product. I don’t know if you’re
familiar with it. But it’s like a thousand dollars a bottle. Totally spoils our clients. And we have Dyson Airblade,
you know, hairdryers. And so, we’ve definitely ‘premiumized’
the brand over the past couple of years. And we do, where we’re seated right now is actually this is called our Flex Studio. And we offer alternative classes here: that, you know, extend from stretch classes,
to myofascial release. And so, we’re always sort of
upping the bar on ourselves, and making sure that we stay current and are never afraid to
take a look in the mirror, and say: What more can we be doing? However, the stuff that
happens in the Red Room, is almost exactly like what it
was back in the day. it changes a little bit. And, you know, the collective
knowledge around Fitness is growing every day. So when you learn things about mobility, and dynamic stretching,
and all that kind of stuff. It’s hard to not introduce a
little bit of that at the beginning of class. Which we didn’t used to
do back in 1998. But for the most part, like the days of the week; the half cardio, half strength. It’s all exactly as it was 20 years ago.

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