Johy en el EMS la última herramienta del fitness

for the time being so I already have usain bolt
I had often seen it has trained then has
For example, three electrodes around the leg had so that was fantastic too
we will try again has to improve his power
that’s what many soccer players did for example claudio pizarro’s out
Peru, for example, did it too and it’s just a very joint
gentle way to train what’s good is when you’re watching anyway
top athlete but his joints always very well strained and
high level of stress then you can through ems that again a bit
reduce and a higher effect around the beginning of 2000 has become
the established and well established since The first studios have been opened
been very amateur that has it wrong
developed is then also many chains have then evolved
minute also or half full is fit box what it all lies in here
Germany, for example, and no Now I believe almost 7 or 8 100
ems millionen which have now opened up so very
very many in germany There are now single or isolated
there are already ms studios in the United States and but they are much higher in price
settled like here in Germany so we are really discounter here
Comparatively what the US takes what I can with the other countries
Do not say if there is no approval goes for it, whether afraid of the stimulus current
contrary to what that is, I know not so there we are finally
pioneer in terms of fitness ems just works
that the electrical impulse to the Muscles usually work
it so that the brain experiences these impulse continues to send and then
go on to the muscle ems does it so that this impulse directly to the
muscle rangeht and then he will controlled and then he gets tense
which in turn means you do not need anything So it’s really only the sport 1 and
Physics and the beautiful is just you now consciously tensing his muscles
or not that we still have everything so you can not train
Come and say you only want legs inside it will also move your belly
everything else with trained as well intense is this tears it is like that
that the muscle tears a lot of small ones Gets in the end or sounds
now at the beginning it has become such a little weird that yes the muscle
but it has to be broken is rebuilt and then needs
you just put it on you then it just gets better and better
Musculature is better built Of course, because it happens in the
usually a bit stronger may or may be that a bit
It is stronger that way and not now it is just as bad as if you were bad
The first time football plays and is a new burden you have
knows that just does not have and that is something completely new for the body and man
also gets away quickly it’s a very lucrative business
of course, of course, it was clear the organizers always have to stop
go anywhere and of course make money with it but it’s just
also a highly efficient training so there is no training on the
Whole world has such a big effect has in such a short time and me
believe that it is just beginning of is just and I believe that it really
so far it will spread that firstly Everyone knows everyone at least what em it
is and you have a concept with it and picture in mind and especially that it
At least maybe half of it then ever tried and knows how
it feels like that and next to it he realizes well i have to do sport we will yes
also getting older in Germany that means something has to happen somehow
age if you are still fit want to stay and it is a worldwide
phenomenon and of course if you do not have a farm
For example, where to go every day you have to move something else
find and that’s why search that’s why it would be like that for me
a thing that one tries more to the older generation also to go out and
trying to bring it closer and also a little bit the fears too
take this is he actually a totally great thing is
and totally safe that’s why I think it will
are still spreading

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