Judge dismisses case involving stolen iPhone, despite selfies of suspect on victim’s iCloud

JOE: A WOMAN WHO HAD HER I-PHONE STOLEN SAYS SHE THOUGHT ONCE THE THIEF WAS CAUGHT… THE FREE. SHE WAS IN THE WAIKIKI LIBRARY WHEN IT STARTED TRACKING THE PHONE’S G-P-S. SHE ALSO CHECKED HER I-CLOUD ACCOUNT AND NOTICED THE MAN WAS ARRESTED, CHARGED WITH THEFT, EVIDENCE ENOUGH? MANOLO MORALES FINDS THE FACTS. MANOLO? COLLECTED WAS NOT ADMISSIBLE IN COURT. A JUDGE RULED THAT AN The victim Belinda didn’t want her new IPhone shortly after it was missing using the Find my IPhone app and noticed that someone had it in Kalihi. Belinda, Theft Victim: “So 4:19 She was able to tell police where to find him. He was arrested and charged with felony theft. She downloaded and printed out all the evidence ready for the trial. Belinda, Theft Victim: “The A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office tells us that the judge did not allow the We checked with UH Law School Associate Professor Ken Lawson, who says prosecutors should have known that an expert would be necessary. Ken Lawson, UH Law School: “You need an expert to put on to be.” manolo: “Once the judge ruled didn’t ask for more time so an expert could be brought in. A spokesman tells me by then it was too late the judge would not allow it.” Belinda, Theft Victim: “It’s Lawson adds that it would have been different if the phone was actually recovered and the pictures were still in it then an expert would not have been needed. He adds that an Cloud. MANOLO: A SPOKESMAN TELLS ME GIVEN THE SAME CIRCUMSTANCES, THEY PROBABLY WOULD BUT EVERYTHING IS ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS. MANOLO

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  1. that's fucking bullshit! fuck the judge!! fuck that u just going let that clown go and what!? steal more people's shit!? nah fuck that that's stupid that's ignorance forreal!

  2. Over a hundred selfies of himself???
    Wtf? 😂
    (chuckles) My braddah. Brah. Dats…

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