Jump Kick Tips for Self-Defense

Howdy. Ando here from Happy Life Martial
Arts. Do you like jump kicks? I used to love them. They were fun to practice and–
come on, who doesn’t dream of flying over a car or your girlfriend’s head to knock
out a bad guy? Of course, nowadays I’m more likely to hit a bad guy with my
cane than a jump kick, but I’ve still got a tip to help you fly as high as you can.
So watch this video for a little information, then go watch Ginger Ninja
Trickster for a little inspiration, because that guy can really kick. OK. My
best tip for jump kicks is this– look up. I see a lot of students fighting from a
defensive crouch with their chin tucked, and that’s totally cool…
until you want to blast off into a jump kick. When your chin is tucked and your
shoulders are rounded forward you can end up feeling very heavy. It’s like
wearing a backpack full of rocks. If you don’t believe me, try this. Drop down into
a frog squat. Now look straight down and jump as high as you can. Now look up and
jump as high as you can. Add a kick and see what happens.
Looking down. And looking up. No, not all the way up,
just up. Well? Did you feel a difference? You
didn’t do it yet, did you? Well, when you do, if your body’s anything like mine,
you’re going to feel lighter and be able to jump higher when your spine is
straight. So, the next time you take off for a jump front kick or a jumping side
kick or some fancy jump spin kick, keep your eyes on the horizon and keep your
head up. That will help you take off like a rocket. Oh– and if you haven’t seen my
video about the dangers of being a bobble head, you should probably check
that out, too. To sum it up, you never really want your
head to be tipping or flopping or rolling around. That will almost always
weaken your balance, power, and control. Hey, while we’re on the subject of jump
kicks, let me give you one more tip– keep your hands up!
Look, if you’re auditioning for a superhero movie or you’re trying to
impress your friends by kicking a pinata, then, yeah– you can let your arms flip and
flop all over the place. Even Bruce Lee jump kicked with his arm sticking out,
but that was for the movies. If you’re going to be bold enough to launch a jump
kick in a real life self-defense situation– hey, do your thing superstar–
then you have got to protect yourself at all times. When you jump over that car or
you jump over your best friend’s body, you want to land with your guard up just
in case you miss the kick or if they saw you coming. So, when you do jump kicks,
keep your hands up so you can hit the ground fighting and not posing for
pictures. There you go– look up and hands up. Two simple tips to help keep you
flying instead of dying. If you liked this video, thanks for subscribing to the
channel and sharing with a friend. Until next time, keep your eyes on the horizon,
my friend, and keep fighting for a happy life.

36 Replies to “Jump Kick Tips for Self-Defense”

  1. My style is not known for jump kicks but the martial art I started in was known for it. A new guy was sparring with me and tried to pull off a jump kick. I nailed him with a sidekick after dodging it. Then after class I told him the same two things you mentioned.

  2. I had to stop doing flying jump kicks when my stunt double broke his leg. Finding a good stunt double is hard work. I now talk my way outta street fights. LMAO

  3. Better than this I know what to do there are alot of steps to win without fighting click read more for them

    1. Fart on enemy's face
    2. Run
    3. Die before he kills u
    4. Drug dealing
    5. Sell him ur girlfriend
    6. Say Mona Lisa is chocho
    7. Cry
    8. Eat different types of fruit and burp at him
    9. Give me money
    10. Ask Mommy for help
    11. Wait till he kills u

  4. Nice stuff! Any tips for improving your flexibility so you can do a kick above your belt before trying the fancy stuff?

    Also, that’s a really cool belt! 👍

  5. Happy new year sensei. I have question. How to manage stamina when fighting? Because there is a word 'people lose not because they enemy, but because the stamina'

  6. Nooo.. I wanted to see you do it and land with a cool pose ✨✨(or on your face, haha🙃) ! I've never tried jump kicks before but I really must add them to the "looking super cool toolbox". Thanks for the video 🙏😁 !

  7. personally, it would be difficult to take off with both feet under stress. but why not, with aggressiveness 🤜💥

  8. It makes total sense Ando after all you want to see who or what your kicking!
    I watch Aaron aka the ginger ninja he also does awesome videos 👍
    Keep kicking for a happy life 😉

  9. Jump kicking, sideways, with the lower leg folded up is a great way to do high kicks without risking groin strains or inguinal canal hernias, so I'd love to go back to jump kicks, believe me.

  10. Sensei Ando, do you have a video on stretching for side kicks or round house kicks? I am just getting back into the martial arts that involve such techniques, and have found myself struggling to find any progress in my stretching. I can barely side kick at my training partners hip, let alone belly or chest. Most of my side kicks and round kicks are at leg height as that was used most in my previous martial arts. I can teep kick or push kick to the face no problem, but my weakness seems to be my lack of flexibility in the side kick and round house.

    I've looked through your very awesome and expansive list of videos but didn't find one on this subject. Kind Regards, -Jesse

  11. In my 60s now I am struggling more with the jumping kicks. This is something I hadn't thought about, OMG I can't believe how it helps. Thanks for sharing this tip. I have to do the jumping split kick for my grading and now I can do it.

  12. In a real self defense situation, you really shouldn't risk getting your balance off the ground. Why? Because you lose time and gives your attacker time hurt you. Jump kicks shouldn't even be taught for self defense, just for sparring or so

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