Jump Rope HIIT Workout #3

Hi this is Tim Haft and Shana Brady from
Punk Rope and you’re about to watch Jump Rope HIIT workout #3. And this
is a push-pull workout which combines rope jumping with some fairly standard
pushing and pulling exercises. In this video we’re actually going to use a
little bit of equipment which is behind Shana and also to her left but if you
don’t have a fake kettlebell on a pole- which you probably don’t-you might have
a dumbbell-and if you don’t have a dumbbell you might have a backpack that
you could load with some books. And if you don’t have one of these fancy
hanging handles that’s okay too. You might have a bar or something that you
could pull on. In any event we’re going to go over all of it. This workout
features 30-second work intervals with 15-second rest intervals and it features
very prominently the Beginner’s Luck Jump Rope from Punk Rope which you see Shana displaying. It’s adjustable; it has ball bearings; it has foam grips; and it
weighs roughly eight ounces which is why we like it for beginners because it
gives a really good amount of sensory feedback. Very easy to sense it
overhead. Okay so here’s the workout guys. We’re just going to run through it for
you and then Shana is going to do one round of it. Of course you would warm up prior
to the workout and you would cool down after. We’re not going to include that
because it’ll take us all day. Alright so the jump rope moves are the basic bounce—Shana’s got those elbows in nice and tight, feet close together, good posture—
that’s your bread and butter step. Okay and we’ll go over the other moves after. The second jump rope move is the alternating foot step which looks a bit
like a jog—so knees are coming up, hips are flexing, soft landings. The third jump
rope step is the scissors. Shana’s giving you a profile because she’s going to slide her feet forwards and backwards. Great step for coordination and timing.
And the final jump rope step is the twister which we love for improving hip
mobility. So what’s going to happen is Shana’s lower body goes one way but her
upper body stays square. And the more intense version is what Shana is doing
right now which is with every revolution of the rope, she’s twisting side to side. That’s
quite challenging. Those are the four jump rope steps. But interspersed in
between we have push-ups. So I’m going to try to do my best with the
camera; starting in a plank and then lowering hips, chest, head to the ground
by bending the elbows and then straightening the arms to come back up.
The goal of this guys is not to let your low back collapse and not to stick
your butt way out. So 30 seconds might be tough for some of you. You may
need to go to the knees or do push-ups on an incline. The second exercise is a
bodyweight row. And we’re going to use the hanging handles for this. So again you
could just use a bar but Shana is going to suspend herself from the handles, walk her feet forward to a comfortable position,
and then pull using the bigger muscles in her back, but also her forearms, biceps,
and of course grip strength. Okay the third exercise is a one-arm press and
we’re going to go to the simulated kettlebell for that. So Shana will just
slide it up the pole and then cupping it with one arm she’s going to extend that
arm overhead and then let it slide back almost to her shoulder—30 seconds on
each side. And then the final pull exercise is a one-arm row and again if
you don’t have this simulated kettlebell no worries, you might have a dumbbell or
a regular kettlebell or something else that will give you sufficient resistance. So here Shana is sliding that up to her ribcage again concentrating on using
the bigger muscles in her back and there you see a nice straight line from her
shoulders to her heels. Awesome. So guys what we’re going to do is just go through one round of this and understand that the four jumps 30
seconds each that’s two minutes, the four other exercises 30 seconds each that’s
two minutes, you end up with a total work time of four minutes.
That’s not true because a couple of those exercises are unilateral so let me
tack on another minute so it’s going to be a 5 minute workout. And then you have
recovery. And if it’s something you enjoy you would then do potentially 2, 3, or 4
rounds. Okay so we’re starting with the basic bounce. I’m just going to get my timer ready and we’re going in three, two, one and go. This is 30 seconds. Now if you were to
trip up—which could certainly happen— just don’t worry about it. You want to
keep going. Recover as quickly as you can and resume the workout. We’re at 15
seconds, so that’s halfway. Ten seconds to go. This is beautiful form here: light on
her feet. Five seconds. And we’re resting and recovering. But we’re going to
transition pretty quickly to push-ups. And the push-ups are starting in five
seconds, in three, two, one, and go. So 30 seconds of push-ups. So you’ll
notice Shana’s got a nice straight line from
her shoulders to her heels. She’s got 15 seconds left. This might be
one of the tougher moves of the workout. Ten seconds to go. We’re down to five
seconds. We’ve got three, two, one, and time. That was awesome-beautiful form. She’s up. She is going to grab her rope and alternating feet is next. And it’s in
five, in three, two, one, and go. So one of the keys with these HIIT
workouts is to be ready for your transition. You can’t really waste too
much time because then you’re going to be recovering for too long, your heart
rate will plummet…starting to rain here folks but we’re gonna stick with this.
Ten seconds to go. She’s done in five seconds, and she’s
resting. Nice job. Alright. So it is coming down a little bit but
we’re determined. Bodyweight rows are next: that’s bilateral. And that’s in three, two, one, and go.
So again here alignment is key. You want to try to maintain that fairly straight
line from the heels to the shoulders and focus on the big back muscles to do the
pulling. We have ten seconds to go. Five seconds, three, two, one, and time.
Awesome. So we transition back to the rope.
Scissors is next. This is the third jump and it is in three, two, one, and go.
So we have a nice profile shot…sliding the feet forwards and backwards-a little
bit more challenging coordinationwise. She’s got a good rhythm going.
Fifteen seconds is halfway. Ten seconds to go. Almost there.
Done in five, in three, two, one, and time. That’s awesome. Alright so now we’re
going to head over to the fake kettlebell and we’ve got the one-arm press. And you
would just pick whichever arm you want to start with. And we’re going in three,
two, one, and go. So this is the left arm
although Shana is right-handed. I can’t tell you the weight on this
because I honestly don’t have an idea but we’re halfway: 15 seconds. I’m going to guess it’s in the vicinity of 12 pounds. We have 5 seconds, and we’re going to rest. But stay here because all we’re going to do is switch arms. So free weights might be
better. We go in three, two, one, and go. So if you have a dumbbell at home or a
kettlebell or if you wanted to go bilateral a barbell or a body bar,
sandbag, all kinds of options. We have 10 seconds to go. We have 5 seconds, we have three, two, one, and time. Beautiful. Okay we’re going to
ditch that. It’s our last jump. It’s the twister. So the focus is on
mobility. And we’re going in three, two, one, and go.
Just remember guys, with this one it’s rotation side side so if you do change
sides with every revolution of the rope it’s quite demanding. There are other
ways to perform this step. 15 seconds to go. We’re done in ten seconds. We’ve got
five seconds left. And done with the jumping portion of the
workout. That was beautiful, flawless. So we finish up with a one-arm row. Again if
you have free weights go for it. Three, two, one, and go.
So this time Shana is starting on her right, side trying to maintain a nice
neutral spine using the bigger muscles of the back to accomplish the move but
clearly using bicep, forearm, and grip. We have ten seconds left. We’re done in five seconds.
And Sean is resting. And this is the last, last, final movement: left side one-arm
row in three, two, one, and go. This will wrap up the round and it’ll wrap
up the video. We appreciate you watching. Again this is just a single round but
depending on your fitness level you might go for two, three, or four. Ten
seconds to go. Done in five seconds. And done! Beautiful. Fantastic guys! So that was a push-pull workout with four different jumps. You
had basic bounce, alternating feet, scissors, and twister. You had push ups. You had bodyweight rows. You had a one-arm press, and you had a one-arm row. Thanks so much for watching jump rope HIIT workout # 3. We’ll try to get
some more workouts in the pipeline soon. If you liked what you saw please
subscribe to our channel, visit us online at punkrope.com, and if you have
questions jot them down below. We will answer them! Thanks again guys.
Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll see you soon.

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