Just Mercy – Main Trailer

It is ordered, adjudged and decreed… that Walter McMillian is to face
death by electrocution. -This is my dad, sir.
-Sit down, young man. John. I want you to sit down now. He ain’t do nothing wrong. Please, Judge. Hold on one second. I won’t say it again. Sit down! Not if you gonna kill my dad for no reason. You’re killing my family, sir. You! Now, it’s clear to me
that this trial was constructed with lies. When you take a black man
and you put him on death row… a year before his trial… When any evidence
proving his innocence is suppressed… and anyone who tries to tell the truth
is threatened… That’s not justice. That’s not right. You ain’t quitting, is you? No, sir. It was like looking at a river
full of drowning people… and not having any way of helping them. You don’t know what it is down here. They ain’t gotta have no evidence. How many of you all
were with Walter that morning? -Who the hell is this?
-The guy who put the bomb under your house. Everybody, out of the house. Your life is still meaningful. And I’m gonna do everything possible
to keep them from taking it.

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  1. More anti white propaganda…. google image search Baltimore riots 2015 then come back and tell me blacks fear whites and the police

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