Kearny, NJ – Too much excitement for midnight – Tesla Supercharger Review

approaching the install Kearny New
Jersey supercharger it’s a Gen 2 that’s been upgraded to 150
kilowatts when I say we it’s you guys and me on this trip by myself today so
bear with me for the camerawork and the audio work looks like this is our turn up
here okay it’s at Wawa look at that so we know
what we’re getting here 24-hour fairly clean station, the roads are terrible how long does it take you across the intersection? ugh of course get a Supercharger handle hanging
on the ground quite a layout here looks like you’ve got a one pull in for sure it’s right next to a Walmart I don’t know if
this is a 24-hour Walmart or not construction going on they’re building the Ionity (meant Electrify America) chargers
right here plenty of charging company the next up is the Delaware charger but
I won’t be able to make it there so yeah charge up first *yawns* excuse me, there are actually two pull-in chargers
here… well I can’t be good that was glass ok that was definitely glass this … so hopefully I didn’t damage
my tire and let’s pick one other than what I was actually choosing alright let’s plug in and then let’s see
what I just did with the terrible parking
situation there alright 3b here oh it smells like
Charleston I should have come back a little further
oh well 3B 4 a 4B 3a so this is a typical layout and so far so good of course it’s alcohol too, screw these people *glass rattling* *car beeps* yeah yeah you too let’s see if I can’t get a windshield
scrub… there’s an okay amount of stuff to do you get like I said the Walmart
already, the ElectrifyAmerica’s coming in so if the superchargers full by the
time you’re watching this video it should be online and you’ll be able to
use that if you have the correct adapters I was a little strip mall here
as well ago GNC liquor and beer you shouldn’t be using while you drive guessing the
pineapple might be a smoothie shop or something a Gamestop and Verizon if you
want to kill some time and Taco Bell if you like good cheap food like I do but
now starting the drizzle so let’s get inside give this place a review and see
how long it’s gonna take me to get to the next stop in Delaware, unable to charge! Oh
waste of time, waste of freaking time so this is why you always see me checking status of
these things before we go inside all right it’s green now I’m guessing it
wasn’t properly inserted or it tripped out I’ll have to look at the charge
reports and see if we got any charge whatsoever battery started at 56% actually at 43% so
it actually did take some charge but it stopped for some reason yeah
charging interrupted at 56% all right so I’m gonna give the where they heck are we,
Paulsboro, I might just do that because uh that actually seems like kind
of cool we got a new supercharger stop so where we are now is Kearny New Jersey
I’m gonna give them a seven and a half which is gonna round up to an eight
there are twenty four seven they it’s a gas station I like it I don’t know
what’s up with this stall I’m on it interrupted the charge whatever we’re
gonna go to Paulsboro New Jersey and and Supercharge there get another review
and I spoke with the attendants and I was asking them I said hey this is a
fuel station I’m getting fuel do you all have to do that well obviously don’t
have to do it well why don’t you have to deal with it you didn’t know why but he
thought that maybe because it’s free mm-hmm
it’s not free for everybody but uh it may be a matter of there’s no way for
them to make any money off of it which goes to show you this why New Jersey’s
actually doing it’s not for safety it’s for money
Oregon already switched back and so that leaves just jersey with being unable
to fill your own vehicle with fuel it’s an interesting concept that’s all I have to
say about that oh all right so go ahead and yeah let’s go ahead and unplug and go to Paulsboro New Jersey and see what they’ve got it is a it is also an install up 150 kilowatts
max so it makes it to stall er- so Generation 2 charger with the updates and
also charge there for 40 minutes oh yeah this thing is only getting … well at the stage we’re at
that’s actually not a bad charge rate I was I’ll have to look at the
report and see how it did before it quit but let’s go ahead to the next stop

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