Danger! fans rejoiced as co-host Ken Jennings returned to the podium after taking a break from the primetime show to present Danger! Masters.

Jennings replaced her colleague Mayim Bialik on Monday’s episode after her most recent block of pre-recorded shows came to an end in April.

He then spent May hosting the Masters spinoff series, in which the best players in quiz show history return to battle it out and be named the best. Danger! contestant.

Ken Jennings
Ken Jennings competes against ‘Watson’ at a press conference to discuss the upcoming Man V. Machine “Jeopardy!” competition at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center on January 13, 2011 in Yorktown Heights, New York. He has reintroduced ‘Jeopardy!’ Sooner than expected.
Ben Hider/Getty Images North America

But Jennings’ appearance on Monday’s show appeared to be earlier than originally planned after Bialik reportedly left the Los Angeles show. Danger! set in May. His march was a gesture of solidarity with striking writers, protest contracts and salary structures.

TO Twitter account dedicated to when Jennings is Hosting broke the news that she would be back as soon as Monday, July 3, which turned out to be correct and fans of the show couldn’t be happier.

“Can’t tell you how happy I am to finally get to watch Jeopardy again. So happy to see Ken Jennings back. He should be the ONLY host. boot forever. So many do NOT watch when she’s on. ONLY Ken,” she tweeted. a person.

Another added: “SO happy @KenJennings is back on @Jeopardy! The show was so much more enjoyable! 🥰 🎉.”

And a third wrote: “OMG what a difference one host makes! It’s so nice to see @KenJennings back as host of this iconic show. He moves the show seamlessly with such ease! Please please please please DO NOT bring @missmayim back!!”

Bialik and Jennings were named permanent co-hosts of the show before the start of the current season 39 season last year, following a revolving door of temporary replacements.

They took over the top job after the death of popular host Alex Trebek in November 2020 from pancreatic cancer.

But since returning to her hosting duties in May, Bialik has faced criticism from fans, ranging from her hosting style to controversial decisions about contestants’ responses to clues.

Both hosts spoke about how they deal with the online backlash from Danger! fans.

“We’re still people, so I can’t say that when you hear things that are constructive criticism you don’t start thinking about it too much,” Bialik said at the Danger within! podcast in August 2022. “But, I don’t know, I take everyone’s opinion with a grain of salt and I also believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

Added Jennings: “You know what? Jeopardy! has such a large and diverse audience. You’re not going to be able to please everyone every night. But I think that’s the virtue of having a couple of hosts. You know, it’s a large and diverse, and maybe that will help expand the tent. It’s a matter of taste, style of presentation.”

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