Kettlebell Clean with Jeff Martone

Is there something inefficient about my clean with kettlebells? Let’s see. I feel like I might not be opening up the hip enough. It’s the way that it’s rotating on your hands, I think, isn’t it? It’s not getting to that false-grip position. Put one down. Yeah, exactly. So just clean one. You want to let it lay right in that pocket. And when you do one, you can just let the thumb rotate back on that. You want to be here. Just like that. When you’re cleaning, there’s something called hand insertion. What people do wrong—again, all it is is just adapting to a different implement, right? So with a bar, the palms are out, with this it’s more 45 degrees turned this way. Watch when it swings here, all I’m doing is— —what’s happening, actually, getting real technical here, is the grip we have on the kettlebell, you want to keep it loose. With O-lifting, you’ve got your hook grip, right? This is like an external hook grip. It’s in my fingers, I’m not putting the monkey grip on it or anything like that, it’s just nice and relaxed, then as it comes up, all I’m doing is pushing my hand into that handle. So now, see how deep it is right there? Now, my grip is rested, this is relaxed, just like a false grip. So as it comes up, you just stick your hand right in there. You’re pushing the kettlebell on—literally pushing it on—as opposed to it coming up and over and crushing it, which everybody does. Student: Then I end up with all these bruises. yeah, you end up with bruises. So the same thing when you work two. So we’re here and then here. If you want to stack them, one goes on the other, it’s grip and grip like that. If you interlace them that’s no good because you’re going to get stuck. Watch my top position. Notice how the thumbs stay rotated back. That’s another big distinction with kettlebell lifting. The thumbs are back so and externally rotated and it’s structure that’s holding the weight. What happens if I turn them this way as if I had a bar—because the way the kettlebells on my arm, two things happen: It goes from structure to now it’s stressing my triceps out. It will eventually unlock if I have enough weight or enough reps. It will just smoke them. So just try to make that conscious effort of keeping those thumbs back. That’s it.

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  1. Show Some Respect, Jeff Martone is an experienced Kettlebell Trainer smh bunch of clowns thinking you're more experienced this Jeff

  2. I love this guy. It's like he loaded all the words he wanted to say into his mouth before he started and he just lets that shit fall out however the hell it wants. He don't give two shits.

  3. so so so it's like, its like, it's like…so so so spend sixty seconds to write a script. This is good information, take it seriously and know what you are going to say ahead of time so you are not fumbling. Thank you kindly for the tip

  4. Oh it's just a case of 'kaka?'… Right?…. Yeah man, totally, you know, er, kaka. Getting really technical here, but, er.. You know, kaka yeah? Yeah. Kaka. And then to just nail it.

    Sorry… what was the question?…

  5. "It's like. It's like. So it's like. Right. Then foob." My mans this video needs to be voiced over with a more thorough explanation. No sounds effects and vague points of reference. Good try but this just doesn't communicate well at all.

  6. is it just me or the guy was asking the other guy? they just put you there for the likes and the jerks can make sex jokes in the comments honey.

  7. Being barefoot around a bunch of heavy weights doesn’t seem like a very bright idea.

    Then again, I’m a retired ballet dancer. I’ve spent almost a lifetime guarding my feet and keeping them safe.

  8. Did he do a complete rep once in this video? I appreciate the break down, but it would be great to see a complete rep from beginning to end.

  9. To all of you complaining go to master Pavel Tsatsouline's videos he has a lot of good stuff you could benefit from.

  10. Not a terrbile video relative to where you want to end up but no explanation as to how to get there. The guy asking the question had that bell flipping over creating that bang on the forearms. Best tips I've seen to avoid that is set the bell with the handle parallel to your stance not perpendicular, reach down and grab the bell with your thumb facing backwards and your palm facing your leg on the same side, then think about zipping and unzipping a coat. The bell should more rotate around your wrist instead of going over the top and banging into your forearm.

  11. I'm sorry but this is like when Magic Johnson tried coaching. One of the goats In the sport, but horrible at coaching. Literally every Martone vid is like this.

  12. all im doing .. im actually just … cause whats happening ehh actually is like mhh getting real technical there is like ..

  13. I wonder how much those bells weigh I just got a 60 because the 35 at work seemed way to light. But these guys are making those bells look like child's play.

  14. So its like you know not to go all technical right like but you know see judt like this see that how deep it is see and thats like…

  15. some people just can't articulate…he's got great technique…he just can't describe what he's doing, well.

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