Knees Tracking Over the Toes in the Squat with Miranda Oldroyd

Your knee is a hinge joint, right guys? It’s designed to move one way. It’s not designed to move laterally. So for the safety of your knee, obviously, that’s not what we want to see happening but again, if her knees are coming in, typically she’s going to be shifted forward onto her toes or at least on the inside of her foot, she’s not able to use her glutes and hamstrings as effectively. Hey Margaux, push against my hand. Push, push, push, keep going, keep going, keep going, until her knees are out over her toes. Then I’m going to keep my hand here all the way as she’s standing up. Push into my hand as you stand up. Come down. Throughout the full range of motion. Stand up. Because oftentimes what I’ll see coaches doing is they’ll fix it at the bottom and then they’ll walk away and as the person goes to stand up the knees come back in. Right? Oftentimes you don’t see it on the way down, it’s as the person’s trying to stand up, especially under load. So we need that knee tracking the whole time.

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  1. and Hollywood casted a skinny chick in a Wonder Woman movie b4 glancing the crossfit community. Absurd!! 

  2. I am a crossfit advocate and admirer.  That said HQ needs to address the steroid issue to a much greater degree than they may have already.  I say "may have" because I have not really seen it.  Until they do, they are an easy target for their detractors.

  3. i think crossfit emphasizes on knees out a little to much, if you watch a lot of power lifters and oly lifters they don't worry too much about it

  4. No necesito saber inglés para enteder estos vídeos y que el noble propósito del CF HQ es retroalimentar de manera constante por medio de estos valiosos "tutoriales" todo lo que ya han vertido GRATUITAMENTE en el Journal. Mil gracias HQ.

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