kyBoot – für mehr Gesundheit und Fitness am Arbeitsplatz

He’s the first person you meet
at the five-star Hotel Schweizerhof in central Bern. Hotel porter Bayram Aktas prefers to
wear kyBoot shoes at work. I’m very happy
with these shoes. I don’t feel like I’m at work
when I’m wearing them. I feel like I’m
at the gym. They are very comfortable and
I don’t have any pain. Pain was an issue for
the 43-year-old father of two grown-up
daughters for a long time. I have knee, hip and back pain
when I wear other shoes, but I don’t feel anything
when I wear kyBoot shoes. They aren’t hard. I feel like
I’m on a thick carpet. It’s a sense of wellbeing that Bayram Aktas
wouldn’t want to be without at work. He’s already planning to give
his mother a pair of kyBoot shoes. Older people suffer
from a lot of pain. We’re young – I’m
43 years old, for example. I always hear older people saying how
they have pain in their legs, knees and feet. I think these shoes are great and
I recommend them for older people. It’s like walking on a soft carpet
and it’s exercise at the same time. Bayram Aktas was convinced of
the positive effects of the Swiss kyBoot air-cushion shoes
from the very first step.

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