– Yo, we are in the building! That’s a lot of people though. (“Ark” by Ship Wreck and Zookeepers) What’s up, guys? It’s 9:54. FedEx Bowl opens at 10 a.m.
so we’re walking over there. We’re a little bit late. We’re getting to the booth. I’m excited. There is a lot of people here, though. Look, if you can see
that line, though, like. Going to meet a lot of you
guys, take a lot of pictures. They said they’re going to
open up the door in one minute. You just heard that? – [Cameraman] Yeah. So in one minute, the door opens. (heavy electronic music) (drill spinning) (heavy electronic music) – Big applause for this guy. Go! (crowd applauds) (crowd buzzing) (heavy electronic music) (crowd cheers) (heavy electronic music) – [Man in Crowd] Oh my God! (heavy electronic music) – Is that a line for me? – Honestly, I was so
obsessed, but I was like. – Oh my God. – What’s up man? – This guy’s got the shirt!
(laughing) I love this dude! Hell yeah, bro. Are you Chris? – Yeah, my name’s Chris. – So, this shirt is even
stronger of a representation. – Right? See. – Hell yeah. He embodies
Christ Heria right here. (laughing) (crowd cheering) Damn, guy got them both! Hey, hey, hey. – [Woman In Crowd] All right! (bass heavy electronic music plays) – I saw your site. – That’s crazy. – You’re an awesome teacher, man. – What. I’m so honored, bro. – Yo, this guy taught me
my first muscle-up here. – What! – Like maybe five years ago. – What? That’s amazing, bro. So awesome. Tag me, bro. Tag me bro! – I will. – Selfie time right here. (soft electronic music) – Shout out, shout out. – Yo! Shout out to Geo
and Ralph right here, Boy! See ya at THENX booth, what? – Yeah! – After we hit a million subscribers I was like I need a, start another one. This is so good. – Could you ever imagine
this would be your life? – No! That’s such a good question to ask, man. Cause, no I did not at all. Before this, I had a, you know, before this, actually I thought I was gonna be a rockstar, I’m not gonna lie. – You are a rockstar. – I really thought I
was gonna be a rockstar. – You are! Look! You are a rockstar. (soft electronic music) – I was just telling these guys, a hundred pushups a day. A hundred pushups a day, ba-bee, you gotta be doin’ it. – Amazing, you’re progress. – Yeah, it happens every day, as long as you keep doin’ it. A hundred pushups a day. How many times I gotta say that? – Here man. – Yo! Look at, say hi to the camera. – What up? Video comin’ on Monday!
– What’s good what’s good! – Monday! – You jumped into the Vlog, though, that’s so dope.
– Sorry, I’ll see you later. – Good to see you, bro. – I don’t know if you guys have ever seen but this dude had made
a Connor McGregor mov, ah video that went viral. You guys gotta check it out. (soft electronic music) Hey it’s been a busy day today. Oh my god, my feet are killing me. I’m starving. Everything’s happening
all at once right now. But it’s so dope. I love meeting all of you guys. I’m having so much fun. Hell yeah. (soft electronic music) (crowd buzzing) (soft electronic music) (crowd cheering) – [Person In Crowd] Defying gravity man! (soft electronic music) – 94. 95. 96. 97. 101. 102. 103. (soft electronic music) – Your video helped me
to fucking learn how to do, uh, muscle lifts. – No way, dude, you’re
like the fourth person to tell me that. It’s amazing, bro. – The whole point thing. – I’m so honored, bro. – Yeah, it’s sick. – Ayyy! That’s super dope, dude. I think it’s hilarious, like, there’s a lot of people that are like, I’ll go into the
gym or something like that and they’re like, bro
I can’t do that shit; I’m too big for that shit. It’s like, look at this man. – Ah, naw, naw. – Look at this man, bro! – It took me a minute,
but I got it, I got it. – It’s crazy, bro. No excuses, bro. That’s amazing. – But I also do all your cadio work, too. – Oh yeah? – So it’s pretty cool, man. – That’s amazing. – I like the quality of your videos, too. – Thank you. – That’s my favorite part is the quality. – Well we got the Sony 87s Mark 2. Eh, Sony! Give us a little sponsorship
right there, bro. – I saw you on YouTube. I was like dang, this
guy got some crazy moves. – [Chris] Oh shit! – I wanna be, I wanna
be able to do that, man. Saw your transformation video. Very inspirational. – With the King of
calisthenics, over here. – That’s an honor, bro, I’m honored. This guy has the THENX shirt! – This guy, man. This guy
made me lose 40 pounds. – What? – 40 pounds right here. – You kidding me? – I used to weigh two-ten. – That’s amazing. – Dude. – That is amazing! – As a matter of fact,
August of last year, when I started just creepin’ on YouTube, I was just creepin’ and creepin’. I was like, oh this guy’s
really, really good. I guess he’s got something. So then I look, I look. Okay. So I was like pull-ups. I hate pull-ups man. – Bro, I hate pull-ups.
– I hated pull-ups. – That’s why I do them!
– I could only do two! – Yeah. – So then I was like, I’ll just take the push-ups. So I do all your push-ups and all the, you know, legs, the pistol squats. And uh, all that. And then I’m like, you know what? Imma come over my fear and do pull-ups. – Hell yeah. – So then, I just do negative
pull-ups all the time. – There you go. There you go. – Now my only fear is the muscle-ups. I get only up here, and then I don’t know what to do as soon as I get up here. – Bro, fear nothing, bro. Fear nothing. – So I was like you know. – Start with jumping muscle-ups, bro. So you can get just used to that motion. – Jumping muscle-ups? – Jumping muscle-ups. – I’ve never seen that on your videos. – So you can like a box, like by the pull-up bar or something that you can stand on top of, so the bar can be like right here. – Uh huh. – And then from here, just jump on. Like that. So you lean. Get used to leaning over. Get like, reduce that fear. Get rid of that fear. You know what I’m saying? And just like drill that. – Dude, I want you to hear this. You’ve been inspiring
so many people, dude. – Bro. – And I just want you to
keep doing what you’re doing. And go in depth more. Diet, stuff like that. – Hell yeah. – You know, I know you’re
starting to creep on that. – Hell yeah. – But you gotta be like more on diet. – Gotta kill it. Bro! – I know you can do it, dude. – Bro, shout out to this dude right here. Just ’cause he told me to, I’m personally gonna make sure that, this year, I’m definitely
gonna make that happen. – [Narrator] Elite THENX
Athletes thank you guys so much for watching. And thank you for another amazing year. Get ready for 2018. Get ready to become and
official THENX Athlete. I’m gonna be leaving more
information about that in the next coming videos. Thank you guys so much for your support. And I’ll see you guys next Sunday, 8 p.m. USA Eastern time. (electronic music)

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