L.A. fitness parking lot smash-and-grabs in Royal Oak

all right thank you very much Ben Royal Oak police are investigating tonight two car break-ins at a very popular gym take a look at some of the damage in the parking lot of the LA Fitness at Woodward in Washington just north of i-696 locavores Larry spruill spoke with one of the victims and they understand Larry she said this happened during peak hours at the gym good evening Cameron not just during peak hours but while security was stationed right here in this parking lot and police tell me that this is not the first time something like this happened I had you know camera laptop my wallet just all those things that you need to do your job Melanie Williams Bowers runs her own public relations firm she tells me her whole life was inside of her car and I talked my work back underneath my seat and I left my coat in the car and she went about her business Sunday evening at this LA fitness center here in Royal Oak was my birthday and my husband had a surprise for me and he said you know go run some errands or something for a hour and come back to the house but those birthday plans were ruined when she returned back to her car after her workout my coat was on the ground on the passenger seat and I said oh my god my window has been broken Bowers says she was not the only victim she noticed wail police already in the parking lot and they were helping another woman two cars down for me whose car was also vandalized and broken into Bowers tells me she filed a police report but also spoke with the security officer in the parking lot hoping he may have saw something or someone I went to speak to the security guard that was patrolling the parking lot and I asked him I said excuse me sir my car has been broken into and he said up well what do you want me to do and I just got off the phone the spokesperson for LA Fitness and they tell me that is not the way that security guards should have responded they say that security guards should have helped out that victim meanwhile they are working with the royal or police department meanwhile also since last year of 20 again you arey 2018 up until now police say they have responded to 16 break-ins within a half-mile radius of this Fitness Center for those break-ins happened here at this parking lot we’re live in Royal Oak tonight Larry sprawled volkl for

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