LA Fitness | Member Journey to the Summit

My name is Clay Valstad, and I…um…have had problems with my knee. [piano music playing] Today, we did, um, like, isolated, dino disc dead lifts, which I had
him on one dino disc on one leg doing a dead lift. And that was to stretch his hamstring out, build the stabilizers in
the knee. I’m working a lot on stabilization because being in skis, you’re isolated in the leg. So we’re working a lot
on isolation, working on the stabilizers on the knees and the ankles. Building that back up for him also. But also, Clay’s had a
hip replacement in the past too, so what that’s doing is it’s stretching out his glutes and his hamstrings, making sure his hip’s
not tight also. What we’re trying to avoid is if this knee’s hurting, we don’t want it to creep into the other hip.
If his hip starts hurting, we don’t want it to creep into the back. And that’s what we’re trying to look for is
collateral damage. We’re preventing collateral damage. Last week he had a setback because he played too hard. I have played four rounds of golf already so that, uh, in fact that’s
probably part of the setback is I play three straight days of golf um, after a tough day with Brandon. And,
uh, it was talking to me today. I believe that he is going to ski. I really want to be able to not only be there for the trip, but,
be on the slope. My goal is heavy skiing four hours a day. I don’t even know what to expect to tell you the truth. I’m
expecting to see him skiing through powder, through packed ice, through everything. Well, I absolutely am pushing the time table to be ready for the ski trip,
but I am going to give it my all, and I am very confident that, uh, I can make it and I will work hard
and do everything I can to make that happen. [piano music continues, fades]

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