Ladies In Crossfit

when I talked about CrossFit with anyone
outside of people doing crossfit the number one thing I hear all day every
day’s I don’t want to be bulky I don’t want to look look Jack I don’t want to
be the strongest and I have to say and this is I like I just want to be like as
is honest coming forward right here um when I first started CrossFit I did not
like the only like strong looking woman I saw in the public eye was Serena
Williams like that’s vo that’s all I knew right
and then once I started doing Crossfit I’m like it’s everywhere it’s everyone
and it’s amazing right what do you guys say to that and how do you deal with
that outside of the caucus and when you’re in the gym everyone is like the
same mindset but outside how do you guys deal with women saying that to you woman
saying that’s why I hate CrossFit that’s why it’s not good for you how do you
guys respond yeah we’ve covered this a lot in a lot
of our episodes because that is definitely he go a lot of different ways
with this topic but I think what comes to mind first and foremost is the fear
of like it’s really not possible to just wake up one day and be bulky like claire
has said before like it’s just impossible for you to just wake up and
be like oh my gosh where’d these muscles come from so I like I want to give
people credit and that they have that much confidence that their body is just
gonna put on muscle like that good for you that’s what you think that’s great
confidence and I’m all about confidence but it just is it possible so for
someone like me who’s pretty athletic just my jeans are pretty athletic it
doesn’t take much for me to put on muscles so yes I’m probably gonna put on
more muscle than the other you know the average person that’s gonna do CrossFit
so for me it’s like I kind of have to be aware of like what I want my body to
look like but for and then the other piece is like so what’s wrong with that
right like what is wrong with like having muscles so bulk ease I feel like
that has a negative connotation to it so what are you saying like muscles are
ugly okay that’s fine everyone has their opinion maybe like the same thing as me
saying I don’t think arenas look good I don’t know like something random like
that like oh they’re too skinny so but that to me feels like a little bit of a
twang twinship body shame that I’m just like well you need to get over that yeah
any thoughts Claire yeah similarly like I am Joe and I are physically completely
different joy we always talk about her power shoulders I’m very petite and so
my reaction to the hallways is like listen I’ve been doing Crossfit
regularly for six years do I look bulky and it’s like and they’re like no you
look great I’m like exactly you know like I have if I would love to be bulky
I would pay money to be bulky it’s not gonna happen and for most women it’s not
gonna happen and you know like he said like you sees women now I’m as cross
that because I’m popular you know like Annie Thorisdottir did a
vogue photo shoot a couple years ago and everyone was like oh my god like and
Annie is a frickin powerhouse and that girls like trunk is ridiculous and she’s
the only person on this planet who looks like that like the you know so I always
just encourage people like look at the athletes who you were quote-unquote
afraid of looking like and imagine the fact that they didn’t start out looking
like you in the first place you know they’re gonna have that body type one
way or the other and so really like and then again like if you really start
going on a path where your muscles are getting bigger than you want them to
look there’s a lot of things you can do about that and it’s you’re not gonna
wake up one day and just like Hulk out and be like oh my god what happened like
some women I’ll be like oh I just look at her weight and I put on muscle and I
you know get bulky and it’s just like it’s like I don’t I don’t know the
science behind it but I’m guessing it’s just it probably is much easier for men
to become bulky and I to write I to go to the gym all day every day
god damn it you’re right clay I wouldn’t pay for that shit
doesn’t just happen you need to work it requires a lot of calories and a lot of
strict regimen with the diet there’s so much that goes you know it’s the
testosterone it helps you build more muscle and and yeah like you’re you know
you have these um like female bodybuilders you people look out it’s
like well those do all bodybuilders really like hard unnatural looking ones
it’s because that’s not a natural thing like those women didn’t get that way
through their own natural hormones most likely much I respect it yes

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