Laser Firearms Training – NEW Rifle from Next Level Training and SIRT

Do people balk at, you know in the centers, buying a SIRT and I’m like – well, initially. but once they start getting into a course and they get a feel for it, they start… then then all of a sudden the cost doesn’t matter anymore, you know, it’s like Well, this is way cheaper than running ammo And I can do it anywhere. I can take it with me, you know, so I think this will be the same kind of thing Especially if they already have this Again it just makes sense to me We put in the same category like focus mitts You know, it’s just made for guys getting used to safety on safety off, right. You’re offset Getting offset shooting in close quarters so That was really the idea behind it, not trying to push it into every aspect Of carbine training edge but for these real real small increments of concepts That’s what it was made for Getting people used to the safety on safety off if you’re using home defense and that’s the other thing we were talking about like cuz I think Gun Industry, Martial Arts/Self-defense/Fighting industry – the people that really need it Are the ones that are most daunted by doing it. They’re the ones that are least likely to seek it out So if they can start on a platform..something like this. So they can start, you know, in a training center. That’s not out on a range where it now all of a sudden, you know, I feel like I’m on a different planet, you know I think being able to get familiar with Basic manipulations and movement and everything before they have to go live fire makes a ton of sense When we start our brand new shooters, I know that it’s decreased our time to get them functioning by 20 or 30 percent. It used to take us about eight classes to get them up to being able to qualify (these brand-new shooters, right). Now we’re 4 to 5 classes

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  1. Guy has a Si vis pacem parabellum tattoo on his right bicep and some cauli on his left ear. We would get along spectacularly.

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