Latin Heat at LA Fitness

[music builds] I’ve been taking Latin here for about three
years now and I love this class. It’s so much fun. The beats, the
music, I get a full body workout. You burn a lot of calories in less than an hour. You’re able to participate and move your body and
do some cha-cha-cha’s and merengue and cumbia. You just have a lot of fun with it. It’s about having energy and having a positive attitude and a really good time. After class, I get to know a lot of the
people, and we even go out and dance. If you like to dance, even if you can’t dance,
trust me, you will have an awesome time. If you’re not Latino, if you’re white, black, Chinese, it doesn’t
matter. This is where all the cultures come together and they just have a wonderful time. It’s all about the music. [high energy music plays] [music breaks] So Latin Heat; it’s the best. Come and
dance to it and shake your boom boom. [percussion instrument plays briefly]

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  1. This class seems a lot like Zumba.  I like Zumba, but I'm just curious–what's the difference between Zumba and Latin Heat?

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