Lauren London, girlfriend of Nipsey Hussle speaks out

Now we turn to the latest on the shooting
death of grammy nominated rapper nipsey hussle. A suspect is now in custody and overnight
the rapper’s longtime girlfriend broke her silence. Adrienne Bankert has more. Reporter: Overnight actress Lauren London,
the love of nipsey hussle’s life and mother of his child addresses the rapper’s death
for the first time writing on Instagram, I am completely lost. I’ve lost my best friend. We are lost without you, babe. I have no words. Nipsey’s death has sent shock waves across
the city and across this globe. Reporter: London’s heartbreaking tribute comes
as authorities arrest this manage. There he is, there he is. Reporter: 29-year-old Eric Holder, the suspected
killer of the grammy nominated artist. Police say it was not a gang fight but a personal
dispute. Mr. Holder walked up on multiple occasions
and engaged in a conversation with nipsey, subsequently came back armed with a handgun
striking and killing him. Reporter: The suspected getaway driver turned
herself in to authorities. She left freely Tuesday night. Sores tell ABC news that the woman is saying
little to investigators for fear of retaliation. And in the same place that hussle was murdered
to prevent the chaos from large crowds earlier police have imposed a curfew at the memorial
site to allow mourners to pay their respects peacefully. You might as well call him the president of
the hood then, for real. Barack Obama of the streets. Wow. For real. Was he that big. He was that big. Reporter: NBA superstar Russell Westbrook. For nipseyrd dedicated his win to the slain
rapper with a historic performance. That wasn’t for me. That was for my bro. That’s for nipsey, man. Reporter: And west many brook also said the
rapper inspired him because he’s somebody from the inner city too. There are still a lot of people grieving here. We hope to receive further updates from the
LAPD today, robin. Good to have you there, thank you.

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