Le Crossfit pour les seniors c’est possible ! (English Subtitle) – CrossFit Samarobriva à Amiens !

Régine Dubois, I’m 72 Régine Dubois, I’m 72 in retirement obviously I practice CrossFit a lot, and apart from that, what am I doing? I mow the grass, it was something I was not able to do. Before, I was taking two to three days to mow my lawn, now I can do it within 2 hours. That’s mean my strength have been improved To continue, I’ll let my friend talk. Come on. So, Carole, I’m 59. I practice CrossFit since recently and I noticed that you can feel so good after a training. Personally, I’m here to build my muscles, strengthen my back and to feel better. Apart from CrossFit, I go hiking, I do salsa and Pilates. Hi, I’m Sylvie and I’m 62 I practice CrossFit for my well-being otherwise I am a volunteer in retirement. And yeah 2 hours of CrossFit a week give me health balance. For me it’s too bad to not have more seniors with us because firstly we are having fun secondly we are worn out. In the afternoon we know what to do because we sleep. Well, me I sleep but… We
are much better after a CrossFit training that we wonder why we haven’t started earlier. We need to motivate people of our generation for join us, even if they can be apprehensive of this sort of workout because we do everything at our level. In fact, CrossFit can be scary when we see younger people practice it, but when we begin with the same exercises we are doing it at our level, with less weight and shorter sets. Everything is adaptable to each level whether child or senior. And effectively there should be more seniors coming along to practice CrossFit. Yes, because it’s really suitable for everyone, for example I do not lift as much as my friends, I also do not run because I’m running out of breath very quickly. 2 years ago I wasn’t capable of doing any squats, therefore today I can do it with a weight bar. So we realise that we can go forward. As a result, now I can climb my stairs more easily because before it was difficult. Now, we are able to do a lot things that we were struggle with. We can do shopping alone, because we can carry the water packs. In addition, CrossFit is like a big family and we made lots of friends, it changes yes… Long live CrossFit !!! Long Live CrossFit yes, you are right !

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  1. J'ai 51 ans et j'entends quelque fois dire que ce n'est pas raisonnable de faire du cross à mon âge. merci pour ce témoignage, c'est encourageant.

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