LeAnn Rimes Interview: LA Fitness VIP Reception

[Intro Music Playing] I think I’ve really been working out since- I
mean I’m turning thirty this year, so um… I’ve been working out probably since I was like 21, like, seriously. And
really getting into fitness and what it does for my body, and how it makes me feel, and…um…It’s just part of what I do, but it
also is part of, like, you know, I’m constantly on stage running around. And so I can tell when I’m not working out as much
as I normally do. I can tell a difference. And, um, so I really have to kind of keep
that up, it’s part of my job, so… But I- I’ve started enjoying it because I vary what I do. From,
you know, cardio and boxing- I’m a huge fan of boxing. Um…Pilates a little bit, yoga a lot. Um, definitely weight training.
I mean I just- I just kind of vary everything, so- INTERVIEWER: Okay. Yeah, it’s been a huge part of my life for a long time. [Outro Music Playing]

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