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Everybody dr. Andy arts from here I had
to test fines for its therapy I’m really excited to be here at dr. Lee’s sister
he is joining our clinic August 1st dr. Lee is a graduate of New York
Chiropractic College and he has been focusing a lot of attention since
graduation on the super type athletes oh yeah yeah he’s been running all the
way and you said volleyball to you and yes doing a little work with a BP they
just had a Seattle open with all the terminology and you’re with the Seattle
start Saracens socio Saracens are the premier club team you know and then
there’s the CL fuels which are the professional team their own IANA honor
major league rugby man I mean you know we always talk about like football right
and then remember guys say well you know if you know Romy’s essentially football
without a helmet is that like I don’t know wherever you done it up ready but
but that’s what I kind of hear is that it’s like if you’re the ultra tough man
to play right oh yeah you’re into 80 minutes of pure controlled chaos
that’s just what to go for just like soccer it’s straight through a chat yeah
it’s crazy you know I’m gonna have to I’m gonna obviously have to watch the
road now that I’m getting to know you so what like what do you play rugby like as
a college or what was your passion so assertive playing rugby in high school
my senior year I knew I was going to undergraduate of that had drumbeat and
allowed my friends played for that team so I would played throughout college
it’s a men’s club and once I got into Chiropractic College I was like kinda
had to put down the background a little bit
ya can’t break my hands Kay yeah yeah yeah so I know your hands
I know well I don’t know personally for me the most injuries of her had my life
I shouldn’t probably say this video was during Chiropractic College
because well I mean we’re all learning to adjust each other right it’s like let
me is try to adjust your neck one more time so that would be second best for me
I mean first of all stuffy rugby super super rough so you got into school you
but you went into rugby managed to get yourself a line with these two great
teams which is just really cool awesome absolutely yeah and then it sounds like
from from talking with you earlier that you really found some people that you
wanted to follow here in Seattle to in regards to your learning that’s one of
the one of the main reasons why I come tutto is that we have all the other
practitioners that know so many more things aren’t really so willing to just
impart their knowledge on you so I was one of the best things about head-to-toe
but CL area in general it’s just kind of a beacon for physical therapists and
people that work with the body and chiropractors and whatnot
functionalpatterns it has a main headquarters down in Belltown yeah
that’s somebody that like i’m not EIG are those are people that i’m trying to
connect with and learn more from i’m really excited you’re gonna be reading
that to the clinic and you know again it’s like it’s really neat how head
shows grown you know i mean i know that we’re getting to know each other but um
you know for those of you who have been with me for a long time you guys
remember i have a you know a 500 square foot office and it was just me right and
I was sort of determined to do things differently you know I was you know I’m
like I’m spend time with patients I’m gonna do all this doctor police I just
exercise therapy and all these things and and and it’s always been so fun but
now I having this opportunity to work with now you with dr. Harris with dr.
Jeannie like just as this growth of knowledge it’s been it’s been fun I feel
like our tool our toolkit is just is just going to grow exponentially with
you and having you aboard so let’s make it a
tool show themselves shit like that so much more than a kit a tool stead so
factor by beat like I like I feel like you know rugby’s so like I just think it
was such a tough for it you know and then here you know we have really well
not just here but you know the huge growth across fit and and then some
really other high intense workout programs like orange the area a couple
other gyms just really like putting it down hard so how do you feel about like
I guess what I want to ask us how do you relate that the experience of had with
rugby and sort of the injuries you see are there are common injury patterns you
see and how does that maybe tie in to people who are working really hard to
CrossFit we’re gonna see there so a lot of people that I work with the rugby
teams are actually in cross fares as well okay yeah I mean that cross train
component that it comes to it allows like where you’re lifting weight and
also moving your body weight and pushing off the ground and running I mean that’s
very similar to rugby it’s very high impact a lot of running and you have to
move your body very well to play that sport yeah but just in general I’d say
they they do share a lot of similar injuries more some around the hips as
well as the shoulder zone with CrossFit I see a lot of people that have a
bicipital tendonitis yeah and that’s pretty major anything over the head
that’s where they’re getting it in CrossFit but surprisingly there’s a lot
of things that are overhead as well like whether you’re binding on another
opponent or you’re lifting somebody in a line out what does that mean binding on
another appointment so you know like a scrum down like where they have like
eight people on eight people and they all come together and they push over the
ball yeah so they have to bind together and that’s it’s very um that whole
movement itself is very dependent on everybody being bound together okay if
you don’t have 16 people bound together it’s you that the scrum will fall or
there gonna be a patio or the dangerous play altogether so that that binding
that they have to do in that that move in the scrum is they’re grabbing their
opponent pulling them in very similar to like a lat pull down or
some of them have to push as well as are very similar to like an overhead press
so a lot of that stuff very similar to the training that goes on on the at
CrossFit yeah that’s actually part of the reason why we tell some of the guys
to go to solving CrossFit yeah it’s so it’s also because the customer is like
the dynamic overhead movement like it is huge one of the main things they do
exactly and it’s just it’s just such an amazing training piece yeah so that’s
cool I didn’t know that that’s really cool so so so you see a lot of shoulder
stuff I mean I definitely you know if you ask me like what do you see from
coming from Prospect yes over and over and then and it definitely hip you know
so see you second on the hip like you see a specific injury in the hip or just
generalized like super tight not moving dream tightness yeah yes that’s and that
goes I think for most athletes that squat and that tends to be an issue but
a lot of the rug you guys they tend to lack mobility which is different then
different than other in sports like in the hips especially yeah but it’s very
similar to CrossFit where it’s like you’re doing sensual motions you’re
doing bringing stuff off the ground straight up and then you’re running
forward but you not really do much side-to-side stuff yeah so that’s stuff
that we try to implement in the athletes in CrossFit it seems to be the bane of
all training though will actually just movement patterns I mean if we can
generalize one thing we’re way too forward and our movement patterns and we
seem to lack that side-to-side try to get people a little bit more
irritation there was a clam shell we just don’t use our psyche body enough
that’s true and it goes seems to go throughout you know everything in front
about Pilates actually as much but from there forward we tend to use our front
body way more for all patterns of life so what about like upper back stuff do
you see a lot of that in so upper back you’re done specially like around the
neck like not necessarily like the upper back as much as maybe like the CT region
yeah that’s that tends to get a little jammed up as well I mean you have people
that are pulled inward because they have large text or because they’re being
crunched together in those small positions like in the scrums and the
rooks in and of itself they have to have a lot
of mobility some of them like it just moving a large
traps that are protecting the shoulders right so then it tends to be a little
bit of an issue but I find that as you cracked more the hips and the way that
the upper back is I guess aligned simple chiropractic stuff is usually very
helpful yeah and postural training in general yeah yeah the beauty of a good
adjustment is just huge hugely especially the road guys they that’s all
yeah the tape work can you adjust me or and yeah you something are two years I’m
sure yeah awesome I mean that’s really where someone knew that these things
have been born I mean certainly actor release was born around the triathlete
crowd you know as you know so it started with Ironman and an actually doctor lady
who developed after release so he’s a heat corner like 20 times yeah he’s like
it’s just he’s just crazy you know it’s just is amazing but I mean he just
started developing this protocol for athletes and that’s I think what I love
about it is how effective it isn’t that sort of like you’ve got five minutes I
can get you moving so much better with a couple of rate approaches it’s the only
amount of time we have sometimes it yeah yeah thirty forty guys running around
the field you can’t spend twenty minutes with them yeah yeah you don’t have
luxury of it written already have the luxury of the clinic and all the
equipment and bells and whistles you just got to have really excellent manual
therapy absolutely yeah totally that’s awesome so so yeah getting that
translation so you’re seeing hips you’re seeing shoulders kind of the key things
you’re saying all right and I guess the curiosity been talking about more of us
everyday folks is like if you were to think like what do I need to do to
really help everyday athletes and people like myself people like you know over 40
you know or you know trying to stay strong trying to work out whether
they’re doing CrossFit or you know home exercise or whatever they’re doing like
is there something that you really feel passionate if everyone did every day
they would they would be healthier absolutely I mean I’ll preface that that
answer with we didn’t have one major injury on a rugby team this year the CLC
was because I think we had one broken phone and that was an emotion major
injury that we had all season let’s huge congratulations to you
looking after those guys that won’t say it’s it’s more of me just nagging them
on this stuff yeah just purchasing a little crossbow
to three dollars and putting it on tight areas of your body like any muscle you
can I say if you can do that once a day in a tight area you’re gonna improve
that area after a week just being consistent with that is massive yeah I
couldn’t agree more yeah so a little crossbow and just bring
your joint to a full range of motion I like to use functional range
conditioning and cars specifically controlled articular rotations and
controlled joint rotation cycles bringing your joint through a full range
of motion in it stimulates the proprioceptors in your joint capsule
yeah because they’re only engaged when they’re at and ranges so if you
constantly push that and range day after day eventually you’re gonna build a
range of motion that is one sustainable and to its full if you have a full range
of motion you have full capacity to actually move if you have full capacity
move on performance just increases from there I love that and how simple is that
thank you I mean you don’t have mutiny you don’t need any special equipment no
twenty minutes a day twenty minutes a day let’s take
everything through full movement and you know everyone knows I’m a massive foam
roller nag for years in fact for those of you watching I am teaching formerly
tonight little plug 6:30 um and lacrosse smaller but immunities
it’s it seems like too simple you know you look at someone like yourself who’s
like you know you’re working on high level athletes right and basic really
basic principles very bit your joint and all ranges of motion hmm loosen up your
tight muscles don’t let them in don’t let those muscles get ahead of you to it
right I mean should be working your body really hard it’s like working hard to
maintain your flexibility and your muscles not letting that junk build up
it’s just I just think it’s huge I mean if you’re only trying to keep the
flexibility in a certain range neglecting right so just move through
that full range of motion ya don’t necessarily be worried about
like oh I want to do a splits and do just the splits work everything else so
I think today actually dr. Lee is gonna be doing some some filming for us and
hopefully maybe you’ll share some of that with us
yeah and what we will do is we’re gonna put it out on the daily exercises on on
Tuesdays this will put out some tips from dr. dr. Leon just some of the stuff
you’re talking about because yeah you know I know it’s simple but I think a
lot of it more like what does that mean foliage you know so so that’ll be really
really useful okay so that’s easy so great tip so far what about um kind of
so key takeaway would be really that you moving your joints to full range every
day keep your muscles loose and then any other magic going to share with us
through this Facebook live or would you rather just have people come in and see
you oh yeah there’s two easy things that everybody can do one just be hydrated
yeah ninety-nine percent of your body by
volume is water yeah it’s so many percents when you factor in all the
other substances and molecules in the body but 99 percent of your body if you
were to pick off a piece of skin so yeah you want then you want water constantly
throughout the day yeah I know that’s so important to dr. Bruce’s that’s his big
thing too yeah you know he’s always drink water drink water that was his
first psyching video that he did for us was drink water that’s like one of the
main things we press with our athlete sets you will say yes I think that’s
what’s helped us win the national championship this year
yeah just them staying on their recovery and just maintained maintaining that
level of health what they need so do you have a nutritionist that works with rock
and we don’t have any nutritionist yet not an official capacity yeah we have
had some people come and speak with them give some tips and the guys are always
asking and yeah the cool thing about them is that they always want to learn
so they’re looking for reading material which we provide them and just kind of
work together as a team rather than having specific treatment plans and
eating plans yeah so water and beer yeah definitely a deer watering unit right
yeah that’s your favorite thing to drink awesome so um so dr filiz gonna start
with us here at head-to-toe august 1st which is not very long from now actually
about two weeks yeah yeah he’s gonna be working Mondays Tuesdays and Thursdays
the rest of the time he’s committed to the team which is awesome but we’ll get
him for some days anyway he’s right now working on we’re climbing through the
insurance ladders and all that sort of good stuff so but within not too much
time he should be ready to roll so um kind of me booking a plane with
him and learned some of this new fantastic stuff that you’re gonna be
teaching with the functional reconditioning I’m excited that to the
office things would be great great for everybody really so and then watch out
for his tips we’ll come on and I think hopefully the next couple Tuesday’s so
they’re putting a few out on video so anything where you’re mad yeah I’m just
excited to be here a head to toe can’t wait for you guys to come on it yeah all
right our great day everybody thank you guys you

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