Less Time At The Gym With Better Results?: Fitness & Self Improvement Vlog-1 | Gk-Fitness

Hi, everybody! This is Gary from Gk fitness and today i’m going to share with you Three secrets on how to stop wasting your time at the gym In today’s Society, the gym has become a very popular place So, when your in there You want to do a good workout, get out get back on with your life alright you You don’t want to spend two three sometimes even four hours in the gym Something that I myself have done from being a novice lifter okay key secret number one When you’re in the gym okay Stick to your primary exercises you, don’t need, to do ten exercises to get that muscle Nice and ready, stick to the main exercises Do more sets all right spend more time on the reps, decrease the ratio of speed, okay? You, don’t have to do ten different exercises for one muscle that’s why your spending two hours at the gym, so stick to your, Multi-joints Get away, and try and stay away, from the contraction ones so the single joint exercises okay Step number two Stop socializing at the gym, do your workout finish it good get a shower get out And get back to work stop Wasting your time you don’t have to socialize there with Your friends for 30 or 40 minutes alright holding up the bench or the squat rack All right just kidding and now last step step number three is Plan your workout out ahead of time write down, what you’re gonna do the day Before so at night when you’re sleeping you’re thinking about your workout you know exactly What you’re gonna do when you’re in there alright, it’s all planned out so you don’t have to go in there and not knowing What you gonna do? stumbling around dropping weights pissing people off alright When you sleep the brain triggers different signals and how to enhance workout for the following day, okay So, when you’re in there and you’re doing your workout your not thinking About what you gotta do once you’re there you’re you know ahead of time i’m going to do dips I’m going to do crunches okay and you got your plan set up for you, okay so I hope these tips helped You up and stay tuned for more videos have a great day everybody

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