Lesson Plan #2 – Joe Stevenson | DH Athletic Fit Center

Hey guys. Welcome to Lesson Plan 2. In lesson plan two we’re gonna talk about
maintenance of the guard and we’re gonna talk about where we need to be on top, and where
we need to be on bottom. Athena is my partner, she’s gonna help me
out today. Can you please go down for me, Athena? We’re gonna address where we need to be on
top right now. My opponent has a locked guard. We’re going to talk about top, we’ll go over
bottom in a second. I should be on my toes. My knees should be bent at a 45 degree angle,
and my feet should follow that 45 degree angle so she can’t hook my feet. If my feet don’t follow that, she could open
her guard and hook my feet. I don’t want that, so what I’m going to do,
I’m going to keep them at the angles of my knee, I’m gonna keep my center of my weight
back and down. I should really never leave this position. Now, my hands come to the torso, I never want
my hands on the mat. My hands are on the torso, my elbows are gonna
be back. Not in, back, because I’m holding them in
position with my body. As I’m here, my opponent will move up angled,
what I will do is I will follow angle because I need to always stay in perfect position. This is very important. That’s where I need to be on top, her guard
is low. I’m on my toes, my butt is on my heels, my
legs are open at a 45 degree angle, my hands are squared and on the hips and torso of my
partner as I’m staying square with the body. As a bottom person, I’m going to want to just
reverse engineer the top side. If Athena has my guard, if she wants my guard
low, I want my guard high. How I get my guard high is several ways. If her hands are on my stomach, I can use
my hands to windshield wiper her hands off. And I could come up and pull down. From this position I’m going to escape my
butt onto one side, normally my underhook side. And I’m gonna step on the hip. Now I can release this underhook because I’ve
wedged space in there, which she can’t get it back. As I do that, I’m gonna scoot out the other
side and place high. Then I’m gonna bring my legs up and up. And now I have a high guard. This allows me the ability to pivot for arm
bars at a much faster and better rate. Plus, it allowed me to move my partner. So in my guard I want my opponent’s head down,
I want their posture broken, and I want my legs up around the higher chest/armpit area
to where it allows me for more mobility. Here’s a drill. This is gonna be your first drill. If I have it here, she’s gonna place her hands
on my face. She’s gonna work up to get into perfect position. Nice, but she’s holding back. Now she should be on her toes but it feels
like … she is, she’s just small. Now she’s got perfect position, what do I
gotta do? I’m gonna windshield wipe her out, reach up
and grab, scoot out, step on her hip, scoot out step on her hip, lock my guard high, have
a high attack. She’s gonna take her hands off the mat and
onto my face, back out like a turtle. She could also pull the hands off the head
as a holding. As she comes up she repositions, she makes
sure my legs come from a high position to a low position. And now she locks in again. What I would do, windshield, pull down, scoot,
lock, scoot, lock. Lock it up, she’s gonna come, push away. Nice. Lesson plan two, part one.

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