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A resident claims his teeth were knocked out in an alleged attack (Image: Sent)

A block of flats has been plagued by “ongoing” anti-social behaviour, fed up residents say.

They even claim that “crackheads fight, perform sex acts in junk shops, and take drugs in the stairwell.”

A resident claims his teeth were knocked out in an alleged attack when he was hit with a metal bar.

A graphic image captures the man’s front teeth back, a gap and a chipped tooth in his bloody mouth.

Here at Ascot Court in Birmingham, residents claim drug dealers sell £5 crack cocaine to “addicts” and hide “knives in the bin” for easy access.

For families living in chaos, some with young children, life is hell in high-rises.

It is a block that even has the Birmingham City Council “extremely concerned” after residents reported having been “attacked and threatened.” reports Birmingham Live.

Ascot Court in Birmingham

Ascot Court in Birmingham (Image: Birmingham Live)

“Our lives are in danger,” says a neighbor who claims to have been attacked in early March.

“I heard people coming up on the landing behind me,” he recalled.

“He hit me from behind, twice with scaffolding because I didn’t go down, he hit me from behind. She’s hitting me on the left arm and since I’m not down yet, they all steam me up, punching and kicking me to the ground.

“The guy broke my tooth and then he hit me in the mouth again. They hit me in the mouth with a bar.

“I have a broken one that broke, I spit it out. They thought I’d pick it up, but I said, ‘Not after it’s been on the floor up there.'”

At one point during the alleged attack, another neighbor from another floor “jumped on him” in an attempt to protect him.

“Because I was still trying to get up, she lunged at me because she thought they were going to stab me, they were punching and kicking her,” he said.

In 2021, BirminghamLive recounted how young people in school uniforms gathered on stairwells to smoke cannabis and shoplifting drug addicts harassed neighbors to buy up their ill-gotten gains.

There were bloodstains splattered on the walls and kids carried knives while it was plagued with 24/7 trouble.

Unfortunately, residents say very little has changed. West Midlands Police said they were aware of ongoing problems relating to anti-social behavior and drug dealing, with daily patrols in the area and “special attention” being given to troubled tower blocks.

blood on the walls

blood on the walls (Image: Sent)

From pop-up police stations and sending letters to residents, to regular gun sweeps and visits to “specific residents”, the force says it is working alongside partner agencies to address the issues.

The neighbor who claims to have been “punched and kicked” spoke of sleepless nights, “violence every day” and not being able to enter her home without intimidation.

“It’s been a non-stop fight all night, and drug addicts were in and out all night. They were also fighting constantly,” he said.

Asked if he had slept much, he replied: “You don’t in this place. Nothing has really changed.”

She claims that someone is keeping knives in the dumpster area. “I reported it and also got a photo,” she said.

“One of the painters who went out to make the block almost stabbed himself with it,” he said.

The caretaker, he claims, also found drug paraphernalia and needles on the stairs.

“Drug dealers also come. Sometimes there are four or five, but there can be a group of 20 of them.

“There are constant arguments, drugs taken on the stairs, you can’t even come to the block without being intimidated by them on the stairs.

“They’re even taking heroin and having sex near the garbage dumps. Some of the neighbors don’t want to come forward because of how violent these people are.”

She stated: “It’s getting ridiculous around here. They’ve housed more of these types of people in the area, there’s a lot of crack and heroin doing, it’s unbelievable.”

A knife hidden near junk shops.

A knife hidden near junk shops. (Image: Sent)

Birmingham City Council said it is “extremely concerned by the attack on residents at Ascot Court and others threatened.”

The authority said: “We work closely with West Midlands Police and will not tolerate anti-social behaviour, threats to residents or destruction of property. We will investigate this urgently by working with WMP.”

“Everyone who lives at Ascot Court and all our properties has the right to feel safe in their own home, especially if they are elderly or vulnerable.

“The safety of all of our tenants remains our top priority. If anyone feels threatened or witnesses criminal behavior, they should call the police immediately.”

West Midlands Police said Weoley Neighborhood Team officers have the area “listed on their daily patrols and particular attention is paid to tower blocks where there are reports of anti-social behavior (ASB)”.

The alleged assault on the resident was investigated and a suspect was interviewed, police said.

He was released without charge due to “insufficient evidence” but a spokesman added: “We always act on the basis of new information and call on anyone with details that could advance the investigation to contact the number of crime 20/227338/ 23

“We have been listening to people’s concerns about ASB and drug dealing and have sent letters to residents detailing how to contact the neighborhood team about this,” a spokesperson said.

urine on the floor

urine on the floor (Image: Sent)

Local officers also host ‘Pop Up’ police stations within the area where locals can talk to them and raise issues, the force said.

“The team works closely with Birmingham City Council to help address issues and the council is currently dealing with complaints from some area residents, including outlining their leases.

“We have also carried out many joint operations that involve visiting specific residents and conducting regular weapons sweeps.

“We will continue doing intervention work to reduce crime and make the area a safer place.

“The team can be contacted at weoley@westmidlands.police.uk.”

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