Life Time Cardio Classes On Demand – Kickboxing

Hi, Life Time members. Welcome to your 30 minute
cardio kickboxing class. My name is Christine. I’m going to be taking
you through the next 30 minutes of a bunch of
combinations of kicks, punches, all in high intensity,
energetic workout. If you do have weights at
home, a light set of weights, you can set to the
side, and we’ll use them throughout the workout. If not, you’ll still
get a great workout. Let’s get started. Take an inhale up right here. Take an exhale out. Take a big inhale up. Exhale out, last time. This time, your guard
is going to come up. Your fist right in
front of your face. You’re going to start
to take a bob and weave. So fist right in
front of your face. You’re going to want to keep
your fist up the whole time. That’s your guard. You’ve got to protect
yourself today. So when you’re
ready, we’re going to start to take
a little rotation. Side to side, squaring your hips
off to each side of the room. Big rotation right here. You have eight, and six. You’re going to start to release
into a cross punch in three, two, when you’re ready, join me. Let’s go. Out and in. So pull your punch back. Pull your elbow back
into your chest. Here we go, for eight,
six, in three, two, one. Right here, take an
elbow to your chin. So just rotate. Take and power through that
elbow right to the chin, back to your cross punch. Right here, left right. Maybe your focus
starts to change. Side to side. Back to your elbows. Left, right. Cross punch right here. We’re going to take it
two and two right here. Two left, two right. Right to the chin. Big rotation. Right to the chin. Big rotation. We’re going to face the front
and take a jab right here, left, right. Right to the front. Out in Out in with
those punches. You have eight, six. Now, how much power
can you put behind it? Take a hook, left right. Hook. Hook. Right to the tempo is
what you’re looking for. Breathe in. Breathe out. Back to the jab, left, right. Hook it out right here. You have two jabs, two hooks. Two hooks. Again. Jab it out, and hook. Take a jab, and hook. Last time. Jab. We’re going to change it. You’ve got a body
shot coming up. Take it out and in. So what you’re aiming
for is right here. It’s like you want to hit your
opponent right in the gut. Out, in. Out, in, pull it back in three,
two, back to your jab and hook. Here we go, jab four,
three, two, hook it out for four, four, three, two. Eight body shots. Go eight, seven, six, four. We’re going to do
it one more time. Here we go. Jab it out. Four, three, two, 1, hook. Four, three, eight body
shots finishes you. Eight, six, and four, three,
two, bob and weave right here. All right. If you do have a set of hand
weights, now’s the time. Go ahead and pick them up. If not, keep on
moving that body. Guard is up. Breathe. Roll the shoulders back. In four, three, you’ve got a
jab coming to your right side. Take it out and in. So your focus is
going to change. You’re going to look to
the right side of the room. Out, in. Out, in. So your guard stays up right
here in four, in three, you’re going to change it. You’ve got a left cross punch
in three, two, one, here we go. And up. Take it out, in. Up. Big rotation. So your power comes
from your back foot. Out, in. Four more here. Find your power. Four, take it up, in three,
two, back to your jab. One jab, one cross. Go jab, and cross. Do it again. jab and cross. Four more slow. Four. High rate’s going to start
to drive just a little bit, but we’re going to
continue to add on. Four, and three,
two, jab cross tempo. You go jab, cross, jab. Now, this is where you’re going
to start to find your power. Power behind your punch. Take it out, in, out,
in, in three, two, we’re going to add on jab,
cross, duck, a one, two, duck. Now we’re getting your
powerhouse involved. Come on. One, two. Big rotation. Come on, let’s go for
four, and three, and two. Bring your right knee up. Bring it up. Bring it up. So start to squeeze two
knees, two body shots with the left arm. Two knees, two body. Make it sharp. You have options. You can start to round
down through your left leg and pull your right. Now, if you want more,
you’ve got an option. Knee, jump, two body. Four more. Go four. If you don’t want to
jump, you don’t have to. Just take a knee. Body. Two more knees. We’re going back to
your jab cross duck. Three, two, one, go
jab, cross, duck. Come on. Take it up. Four more. Go four. You got it. Three, two, two body,
two knees, right here. Two body, two knees. Three more. Two more times. You got it. Out, in. Take it up. Jab, cross, duck. Two times right here. Go two. Two body, two knee. Take it up. Keep going. Jab, cross, duck. Jab, cross, duck. Two body. Now feel your heart rate
starting to drive up. You’re starting to get
a little sweaty, maybe a little breathless. Back to your jab,
cross, duck right here. Go two, two body. Two more, go jab. Two body, two knee. Now this is your last time. You’ve got two and two. Two body. We’re going to do singles. Jab, cross, duck right here. Go jab, cross, duck, two body. Take a jab, cross,
duck, two bodies. Two knee. Jab, cross, duck,
jab, cross, duck. Hold it here for four,
and three, and two. Hold a body shot right here. Hold. Hold. Fight for it right here. Rotate your left arm. Eight, and six, and four,
three, body shot, knee singles. Body, knee, body, knee. Come on. This is your all out. Keep pushing. Keep pushing. If your heart rate
is not up, this is the point you’re
going to start to jump. You’re going to start
to find your power, because you’ve got eight
of them right here. Go eight, seven, six. You have four more. Breathe in, breathe out. Three more. Two. Bob and weave. Breathe. In, out. Shoulders back. We got your other side to do. We’ve got to be equal, yeah? And three, two. Just start to jab it
out with your left arm. Out, in. Work on your power before
we find your speed. Elbow back to your rib cage. Out, in. Jab. Slow crosses with
your right arm. Cross. Notice rotation. Notice starting to get
into your lower body. Four, three, two,
one jab, one cross. Jab, cross. Act this as your
active recovery. Four, before we
speed it up again, three, two, jab, cross, tempo. Now we’re ready to go. Get into a big
rotation in three. You have jab, cross, duck. Join me when you’re ready. Here we go. Four more. You have four, three, two,
back to your jabs right here. Jab it out. Go out, in, out, in. eight counts. We’re going to go
jab, cross right here. Go jab. Right here you have eight more. Let’s go for eight,
seven, six, in four, three, two, Back
to your jab go jab. Out, in. In four, three. Back to your jab,
cross right here. Go jab, cross, jab,
cross, jab, cross. You have four, three, two. Pick it back up to tempo. Let’s go. One, two. Here we go. In four, three,
jab, cross, duck. Join me. Let’s go. Take it down. Guard stays up, even
when you’re not punching. You have four more here. Three, two, bring
up that left knee. Bring it up. Squeeze. Squeeze. Abdominals, obliques are firing. Eight more right here. Go eight, seven, six. Body shot coming up with the
right hand in three, two, one, body shot. Left hand still stays up. Big rotation on those hips. Start to hit it even harder. You have four, three, two. Bring it up. Four knees, four body shots. Four knees right here. Take it up for four, three, two. Take it down for
four, three, ready? Two and two. Take it up or two, one, two. Start to step into
that left foot. Two. Step into an option to jump. Take it up. That is up to you today. Two more. Two. The last time. Two knees. Two bodies. Back to your jab, cross, duck. Take it out. Three, two. Two body shots right
here, two body, two knees. Remember your options. Rotate. Take it up. Explode. Take it low. Take it up. Again, three more. Two more. Stay with it. Stay with it. Get into it. And up. Last time. Ready? Jab, cross, duck for four. Here we go, for four,
three, two, make it sharp. Two bodies, two knees for
four, three, two, jab, cross, duck for two. Jab, cross, duck. Two body, two knees. Jab, cross, duck. Jab. Two body, two knees. Jab, cross, duck. Hold it here. You have three more. You have two more. You’re going to hold your
body shot on your right arm. Hold it. Eight, seven, six, four,
three, one knee, one body. Knee, body, knee. Pull that knee down. If you want to, jump it. You have eight. Heart rate’s driving up. And six. Have four more. Stay with it. Four, three, two,
jab, cross, duck. Four counts. Go four, three, two,
two body, two knee. Come on. Four, and drive. One more. Jab, cross, duck, two counts. Go two, and one. Two body, two knee. That’s it. Two. That’s it. You got it. Come on, jab,
cross, duck for two. Two, body, two knee. Rotate. Two more times. Let’s go. Two and one. Two body, two knee. You’ve got one more in you. Stay with it. Get it. Let’s go. Two body, two knee. Eight single body knees. Here we go, for eight, seven,
second time through this. Time heart, rate’s up
just a little bit more. You have four more. Stay with it. You have four. In three. Push, in two. Bob and weave. Breathe. In through your nose,
out of your mouth. Exhale down. Now, if you want, keep
your weights in your hands. If not, go ahead
and set them down. If you don’t have weights, go
ahead and rotate your body. Your right foot is
going to go front. Breathe it out. Roll your shoulders back. You have a jab to
the front this time. Jab it out. Out, in. Out, in. Make it quick. Heart rate comes down
just a little bit here, but that punch is
still powerful. Four. Tempo. Here we go. Jab. Jab. Out, in. Out, in. Your shoulder back is
starting to get warm, yes? Jab, jab, cross,
jab, jab, cross. Jab. Power. Back arm, left arm. Jab, jab, cross. Jab, jab, cross. You have four more here. Now start to get
into that stance. Big rotation, back
leg coming up. In four. Come on. Three, two, active
recovery is done. We’re going back into it. Four, in three, two, take
an elbow to the chin, right and left. Go two. Now take it up. Two. Take it over. Now, it’s like a string is
attached to your right hand. Attached to your elbow,
right to that hip. So rotate, then take it up. Rotate. Front, two, one, take it up. Two. And up. Four more here. When you start to get
into your lower body and when you’re going to
start to get powerful. Let’s go. Jab, jab, cross. Get it. One, one, two. Two more. Two. Two elbows. Right, left. Two. Take it up. Two elbows, two. Jab, jab, cross. Go. Two. And one, two elbows. Two. Take it up. Jab, jab, cross. Here we go jab jab cross. One more. Two elbows. Now, you know I have
more if you want it. If you’re good here, stay here. Load, explode. Jab, jab. Two elbows. Two. Load, explode. Jab, jab, cross. Two elbows. Come on. Load, explode. Jab, jab, cross. Two, load. You start to get
into that lower body, you start to get
into your powerhouse. Heart rate is going to drive up. Jab. Two. If you’re good here,
stay right here. Come on, two elbows. Two more. Come on. Two elbows. One more time. Get it. One, one, two. One, two. Bob and weave. Breathe. Breathe. Side to side. Just take it to the center. Just add some rotation. Breathe in, breathe out. Active recovery. Rotate that body side to side. Keep your core nice and tight. Three, two, back to
your bob and weave. Right, left. Guard stays up. Remember, options to
have weights or not. You’re still feeling it. Rotate your body left. Left, but going forward. You’ve gotta get it
on that other side. Breathe it out in three, two,
step into that left foot, take a jab out. Out. Take it out, in. Four more here. Go four, and three,
two, hit that tempo. Three, two, one,
jab it out, out. Bring your elbow back
to your rib cage. Come on. We just got your other side. We’ve got to be
even on each side. Go out. Eight seconds. Hold it. In eight, seven, six, ready? We’re going to add on. Jab, jab, cross, in three,
two, one, here we go. One. Hold it right here. Now you know where you’re going. See how much you can
give on this side. One, one, two. One, one, two. Stay with it. One, one, one, two. You have four more. Three, two. Back to your jab, slow. Slow. Sweating just a little bit, yes? Heart rate’s getting
up just a little bit. Reset when you need. Back to your jab, jab, cross. Here we go. Jab, jab. Now we’re going to
start to get into it. Really put the power
behind the punch here. You have four, three. We’re going to take
those two elbows. You have one chin and
one to the forehead. Here we go, two left. Two right. So keep your fist right
next to your armpit. Take it in. Take it up. Where is the rotation
in your hips? We’re protecting that low back. That’s what we’re doing. Take it down. Take it up. Three more. Take it up. How much lower can you go? And up. Back to your jab, jab, cross
in three, two, jab, jab, cross. Right here. Go jab. Now you got it. Two elbows, left and right. Go two, take it up. Take it down. Jab, jab, cross. Come on. One, one, two. One. Two more. Two elbows. Take it up. Take it back down. Jab, jab, cross. Two times, two and one. Two elbows. Ready to add on? Jab, cross. Let’s go. Pick it up, tempo. Burn it out. You have eight more. Come on, come on. Here we go for four,
three, two, bob and weave. Here we go. Take it back. Guard stays up. Here we go. Final round of the day. Just add some rotation. Get your body to cool down
just a little bit before you head in that final round. Rotate. Here we go. Right hands go in front again. This time, you’re going to take
a hook with your front arm. Hook, hook. Elbow is flat. It’s like you’re coming
around to a temple shot. Take it up and around. Guard stays up. Right arm’s working. You have eight counts. Four, three. You’re going to add an
uppercut with your back arm. Uppercut, here we go. Hook. Take it up. Hook, and up. Rotation on your hip. You want to really get up
in there under their chin. So temple, chin,
go temple, chin. Take it up. We’re going to take it up to
temple in three, in two, hook, uppercut. Right here, take it up. Come on. Come on. Make it sharp, even
though it’s quick. Four hook uppers. Go hook, upper, hook,
upper, two squats. Do it again. Hook, two squats. Do it again. Two squats. On two, you’re going
to switch your side. Hook, squat, switch your side. Let’s go. Squat. Come on, go. Squat. Switch. Squat. Switch. Keep going. Squat. You got one more time. Take it here. Next time, right foot’s forward. Hold a hook. You have eight,
seven, six, breathe. We’re going to do it again. Here we go. In three, two, hook, up tempo. You have hook upper. Two squats right here. Two. Next time, we’re going to turn. Get ready. Squat. Turn. Squat. Turn. The next time, your
left foot forward. Hold it. Hook. Breathe. Breathe. Here we go. Three. Step into that left foot. Hook. One hook, one upper. Hook and upper. Hook. Big rotation in your hips. Face me. Every single time, temple,
chin, temple, chin. Here we go. Tempo, music, let’s go. Take it up. In four, three, hook upper,
two squats right here. One, two, three, four, two. Do it again. Two squats. Next time, turn. Squat and turn. Squat, turn. Two more. Next time, hold your
left foot forward. Do it again. Hook it out. Just hook. Hook. Lower body’s feeling good. Eight seconds. Hold it for eight, seven,
six, back to your hook upper in three,
two, hook upper so. Take it up. Two more in two, and one. Eight temple in six, in four,
three, two, holding uppercut. Holding uppercut. Uppercut. This is our finisher. You have eight,
seven, same thing. You have two uppers,
then two squats. Take two uppers. Options here. You can squat hop, or
you can squat tuck. Whatever your body
says, yes, do. Let’s go. This is your finisher. This is your finale. Come on. Squat, option. To take it up. Squat. Come on. Squat hop, squat
tuck, or squat jump. Keep that body moving. You have four more right here. Go four. Down. Are you breathless yet? If you’re not, change
something so that you are. Two more. You’ve got one more in you. Give it to me. Down, squat, bob and weave. Here we go. This is this. Left arm, you’ve got
an uppercut right here. Take it up. How much more do you
have left to give? How much more do you
have left in that tank? In four, three, two
uppers, two squats. Go two, one, two. Do it again. Two, and two. Option. Add a little jump. Option. Add tuck. Come on. What feels good? What is challenging? That’s the more
important question. If your heart rate is not
driving here by the end, you really gotta push. You have 30 seconds, all out. Keep it moving. Four more. Let’s go. Four, and squat. Three more. Squat hop or tuck. Two more. Two, and down. You’ve got one more. Let’s go. Bob and weave. Here we go. Back to front. Roll those shoulders out. Bring your heart rate
down just a little bit. Take a light jab. Breathe in, breathe out. Light hook in three,
two, light hook it out. Spending the next 30
minutes, 30 seconds, to slow your heart rate
down just a little bit. Back to the jab
right here for two. Go two, and two. Just rotate. Eight, six, in four,
three, two, one. Inhale it up. Exhale it down. Take your hands behind you. Open up your chest. Roll your shoulders
down and back. Tilt your head. Tilt it all the way to the left. Inhale up. Tilt it all the way right. Take it up. Grab your hands. Push them all the way
forward, hard as you can to the front of the room. Breathe. Pull your shoulders down. Shake it out. Go ahead, take your left foot. Open up that hip. Sit down as low as you can go. Nice job today. Keep breathing. Go ahead, take it up. Switch your side. Go ahead and step
into that foot. You’re going to come
into a low lunge. All the way down. Sink deep into your hips. And whatever foot is first,
open that arm all the way up, all the way to the back. Hold it here for
a breath or two. And if you can take
your hand and reach for your opposite hip, opening
your chest to the ceiling. From here, go ahead and place
your hand outside your foot. Extend both legs up, and
shift back in your hips, feeling a nice, big
stretch in that hamstring. Go ahead and walk yourself to
all the way to the other side. Come into a low lunge here. Find what feet placement
feels good in those hips. And then when you’re ready,
inhale that same arm up, same leg. When your body says
yes, open that arm up to that opposite hip. Open that chest
up to the ceiling. Big rotation here. Placing your hand outside that
foot, extend both legs up. Shift into those hamstrings. Push your hips back. Go ahead and walk your hands
all the way to forward. Heel, toe, both your
feet, all the way in. Take and extend
all the way down. Head, neck, shoulders release. Go ahead and grab your elbows. Let your head hang heavy. You can start to shake
your head yes, shake it no. And when you’re ready,
slowly rise up to the top. Take an inhale. Exhale. Thank you so much
for joining me today. I hope to see you again soon.

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