Life Time Strength Classes On Demand – Shred

Hello Life Time members. My name is Suzanne and
I’ll be guiding you through 30 minutes of Shred. Throughout the next
30 minutes we’ll go through upper body, lower
body, and core exercises. And then you’ll get
a big cardio push and we’ll do it all over again. Before we get started
today, make sure that you’ve got a mat. If you have hand
weights grab them. If no hand weights, that’s OK. Don’t worry, everything can
be done with body weight. Highly encourage you to grab a
towel and some water as well. We plan on getting
nice and sweaty today. All right let’s get started. Take your feet
out nice and wide. Shoulders rolled up and back,
brace down through your core. Let’s do that again. Lift up. Big breath in. One more time. This time reach
your up overhead. And take a squat, reach your
arms forward, pull back. All the way up. Nice. As your elbows come back start
to engage your back muscles. Nice big pull. As you’re getting
your bodies warmed up notice your squats might start
to get a little bit deeper. You’ve got four of them. Nice job. Bring your arms
out to your sides. Take a big reach. Drop down. Big reach. That’s it. Low, all the way up. Start to engage a little bit
more through your side body. Tap your toes, sync, and lift. That’s it. Push. Pull up. Just a few more taps. That’s it. One more each way. Hands up, pull your knees. You’ve got a knee drive. Right and left, start
to engage your core. Now, let’s see you make a fist. Bring your elbows right
down next to your sides. That’s it. Even add a little
bit of a crunch. Nice work. Pull tight, four more. Nice big breath away. Turn it into a kick. Reach your feet forward,
stretch out your hamstrings. Nice work. Now even though you don’t
have weights in your hands, by making a fist you start
to engage more muscles. You can use this concept
throughout the rest of the class. Take your way to the
back to your mats. Take a big stretch. Reach your arms all
the way up overhead. Lift them up. Bring your hands back down. Walk all the way out. Find the top of a push up. Engage your core, hold. Take a deep breath in. Walk your hands back. Big full body stretch. Reach up. Hands back down. Walk out again. Engage your core, heels back. Walk back. Arms up. Let’s do that one more time. Walk back, hands high,
back down to your sides. Step your right foot forward. One lunge. Now your left foot. Tap. Find stability first. Big large step. Right, imagine
you’ve got a puddle. Step over yellow. That’s the option. Add some arm movement in, a
little bit more upper body. And again that’s it. Step. Start to make this more smooth. Step forward and back. Sink low. All right. Are you feeling warm? I sure hope so. Warm bodies, right? We’re ready to go. You’ve got four, three,
two, and last one. First round of exercises. Now that your body’s nice and
warm we’ll be doing push ups. Option knees or toes. Then we’ll be doing squats,
with or without weights, some Russian twists. We’re going through
all that three times. All right Life
Time, let’s do this. Start in your high plank. Toes back. Fingers are wide. Basic old push ups. Elbows back. Use your exhale to help you up. Now remember, you can
go down onto your knees. Lean your body farther forward. Continue to lead
with your chest. That’s it, big strong push up. Down and lift. Squeeze those
shoulder blades back. Up you go. You can play around alternating
between knees and toes. You’ve only got 10 seconds left. Keep it going. Keep it going. Remember your breath. It’s important. You’ve got it three,
two, and last one. Step up. With or without your weight. Shoulder blades back,
start up your squats. Feet right underneath
your hips, drive up. If you want to add
your weights in, hands right down
next to your sides. All that load, it
makes a difference. There’s more muscle power. Drive up that’s it. Big strong breath. Shoulder blades back. Keep going, you’re looking good. Can you get a little lower? There you go. Nice and controlled. Just a little bit longer. Keep going. Keep going. You have three, two, and one. Take it down. Have a seat. Heels. Weight or no weight, find
your twist side to side. Twist. Option, no weight. Still squeeze your
shoulder blades back, just like in your
warm up, to help you engage just a little bit more. And now we squeeze
your knees together, lifting your legs
for a table top. Oh there’s a little
more challenge. That’s it. Strong lift in your legs,
firmly grounding your heels whichever variation you chose. You’re almost there. Now you’ll learn the exercises. This second time through
you know what’s coming. Let’s go. Back up. Roll over. You’re back to push ups. Hands are wide,
feet, take it down. That big exhale. Now this second round, I
encourage you drop and hold, then press up. Let’s try that again. Drop and hold. Press up . Remember knees or toes . Back up you go, low. Working the front side. Keep it up. Leading with your chest. All right? We’re not bobbing. Keep going. Keep going. Up then bring it
back to singles. Final few. Final few. Stay with it. Those last few are always
the most challenging. Keep going. You’ve got it. And here we go. Stand back up. Back to squats. Shoulders down your backs. Weight into your heels. Toes are wide. Take it down nice and slow. Back up. Set into this and lift. If you want to add more, add
a biceps curl as you stand up. Weights up. One squat, biceps curl. Even if you don’t
have weights you can still practice that
movement with your arms. Engaged, you got it. You got it. Just a few more and you’re
back down to a seat. Keep your breath strong. That’s it. That’s it. Last final few. Can you get that curl back in? And set it down. Let’s keep going. Back to your twists. Side to side. Drive your weight. Squeeze your legs together. That’s it. Let your eyes follow the
placement of your weight. Twist. Now what if you went
back one more inch? Or maybe you slow down. Feel the core. That’s it. Toes back. Toes back. All right, so you learned it. Second time through
you knew what was up. Third time through,
that’s your challenge. Your challenge to get through
it with as much strength that you had the first time. Here we go. Just a few more. And one more each way. You’ve got it. Set your weights down. All right, back to push ups. Final time through. Flip it on over. Hands are wide. Elbows back. Let’s do this. You can play with timing. Hold down for three. Pop up again, down hold. Maybe you try two and two. Down, back up. Nice work. Back up. Go low. Back up, keep going. Keep going. It’s OK to rest, then get
back in when you’re ready. Just a few more. Just a few more. We’re getting the hard
part out of the way first. Keep going. You have 10 seconds. Yes. And the last one. Hey, third round of squats. Let’s do this. Weight or no weight. Take it low. Back up. Sync . Lift. Now your bodies
are getting warmer. Can you go a little bit
further in your squat? Back up. That’s it. Can you pick up your pace? A little bit more drive. A little bit more drive. Cardiovascular challenge,
it’s going to happen. Just a little bit
longer, then you have one more round
of Russian twists. You’ve got this. Keep going. Keep going. Can you get two
more good squats in? I know you can. Last one, take a seat. Take a seat On the way down,
remember heels or toes. Find your twist. Side to side. Variation, tabletop your legs. Keep going. Keep twisting. Keep going. Three rounds through. You have a cardio push. Keep going with
your Russian twists. Hands all the way down
towards your hips. All right team, let’s do this. Stand yourself back up. Arms all the way up,
you’ve got burpees, right? You have an option, take it
all the way down the sprawl. Back up. Hands up. Another option, add a jump. Another option, can
you get your knees up? Yes, you can. Take the choice that you need. It’s meant to be a
little bit uncomfortable. You will get a break. You will get a break. Do what you need. Do what you need. Maybe it’s one push up. Do you want more chest? Only you can answer that. All right, just a
little bit longer. Keep it up. Fight for these final ones. You can do it. You can do it. And break. Perfect time. Grab your water, take a sip. You need a towel, towel off. Keep your body moving. Side to side taps. Whatever you need to do. Allow your heart rate
to come back down. Because guess what? We get to do a
whole other block. New exercises this time. All right. You keep resting. Keep resting. Next round. Back flies with
or without weight. If you have no weights, it’s OK. Pull your shoulder blades back. Squeeze your shoulder
blades together. Right? Squeeze them together. You’re still working
on muscular engagement. We’ll have reverse lunges. Alternating. Finishing up with
our towels, OK? Finishing up with our towels. I’ll show you that
surprise when we get there. If you’re ready, here we go. Shoulders down and back. Weight or no weight,
hinge your body forward, brace through your core. You’ve got back flys. Let’s go. Your breath– it
always helps you out. Yeah, that’s it–
breathe, exhale. Resist– right,
resist your weights. Squeeze them back together. Nice and controlled. First round through your block. Learn your exercises,
fine tune– fine tune. Just a little longer. Nice. [FAST DANCE MUSIC] Stay with it. Stay with it. Just a little bit. Can you go one more? That’s it. All right, weights or no
weights, take a reverse lunge. Squeeze your glutes to stand. Tap back, squeeze to stand. Lift up through your chest. Same thing, no weights. And rise. Variation– open up, stand up. Oh, it’s like a
stretch, but you know you work again to get back up. Drive your heels forward. That’s it, just a
little bit more. Hands can be down. So many options. So many good options
for you to take. Third exercise– take your
mats, fold them in half. You’ll want your towel. Take your towel, set
it back on the floor. Just your right
foot on your towel. We’ll get the other
side next time. Press your feet back. You’ve got a knee drive. Pull in, and press back. Pull in. Now bring it to one elbow. Cross it to the other side. Ooh. Take that again, one elbow. Press back, and cross. Do that again. Squeeze, knee to elbow,
lots of core engagement. Keep going. Keep going. If you’re on a wood floor,
it’s the perfect time for a little extra
cleaning for you today. Keep going. Keep going. Remember, you’ll get the second
side the next round through. Take one more each way– one more. And stand up. Here we go. Grab your weights. Another round, back flys. Let’s go. Open up, squeeze. I see you. You got this. Again, it’s OK without weights. Pull back. Opportunity to get lower. Maybe you hinge further forward. That’s it– up, resist. Imagine your arms are
moving through molasses. Pull down. Open back up. Just a little bit longer. You have reverse lunges. They’re coming up next. You have this. Let’s go. Do two more. Two more. And last one. All right, now that
your mat is in half, towel out of the way, a
little bit of instability. Still do your reverse lunge,
land back on your mat. Step back, stand up. Bonus challenge
this time around– take a knee drive, pull up. Do that again. Step back, knee drive. Arms? You bet. They can come
along for the ride. Reach out. Stand up. Reach out. Big, full movement. Sweep back. Chin. Yes, you can use your weights. Knee drive. Maybe it’s an overhead press. So many variabilities
for you to do. Sink back, all the way up. Just a little bit longer. Just a little bit longer. One more each side. Finish strong. Finish strong. All right, weights go down. Let’s do your knee
drive second side. This time, your towel
underneath your left foot. Let’s go down. Hips back, belly in. Same elbow, cross
under, opposite elbow. [MID-TEMPO ELECTRO POP] Same elbow, opposite elbow. Same elbow. You get the idea. Now, one side
might feel a little different than the other. That’s OK. Focus on engagement. Palms into the ground. Lift through your back. Keep breathing. Keep going just a
little while longer. Hang onto it. All right, you learned them,
you felt them that third time through. Challenge. Let’s go. One more round, back flys. Let’s get after it. Shoulders down, weights in. Let’s go. So much strength, so much power. You committed to this. Keep going. Keep going. It’s your final one. Yes, keep it up, keep it up. Remember, if you’re
without your weights, maybe you hinge further forward. Back muscles, squeeze. Squeeze it tight. Just a few more rounds. Lunges, they’re next. Two more– two more. Yes, you got this. Let’s do it– lunge time. Shoulders down. Start slow. Back up. Slow. Rise. Option– to make this more
stable, step back, landed. Now drop your knee. Squeeze and pull. It does not matter
how fast, but that you feel this movement, that you
feel your legs as you stand up. Backside engages. Option– overhead. Take your lunge overhead with
your arms or with your weights. You get to choose. Set it down, tap, and up. I bet you can get one more
really good one on each side. Let’s do this. And 1. You’ve got the right side
and left side this round. Step back. Start with the towel
under your right foot. One knee in, one cross. Trust it. Switch it to your left foot. Same elbow, opposite elbow. Switch. Do it again. Same elbow, opposite
elbow, and switch. [MID-TEMPO DANCE MUSIC] Following your breath. Lift the space between
your shoulder blades again. When we start to get tired,
first thing that goes is your form. Slow down. Take a breather. You’ve got just a
little bit longer– just a little longer. OK, let’s finish
this one together. That was your
third time through, which means you’ve got
another round of cardio. All right, get
rid of your towel. It’s out of the way. Step, touch. Strong with your core. Now arms up and around. Take your foot, cross back. Speed skaters with a
little bit of a twist. Let’s go. Variation is jumping is not
for you, lift up, cross back. Sink low. Otherwise, maybe it’s
a big, explosive jump. Lift up. Lift up. You’ve got it. You got it. Hang on. Fight for this. Yes, you can. One more each way. One more each way. That is it. Stand up. Take a moment. Fill up your lungs. Catch your breath. If you need a towel, if
you need water, grab it. We’ve got a little bit left. One more core exercise
and a stretch. Here we go. Unroll your mats. If you took it in half,
lengthen it back out. I have a challenge
for you today. Down to your forearms. Everyone start on your knees. Option to interlace your hands. Lift up through your back. Curl your toes. Lift your hips up. That’s it. Press through the
backs of your knees. Drive up. Take a look down at the ground. Breathe through this
final challenge. Keep breathing. If you need to drop to
your knees, that’s OK. Still activate
through your core. Tuck your hips. Lift the space between
your shoulder blades. I think you got a little longer. You have it in you. You’re strong. Lift them up. Keep holding. Keep holding. Ah, that final challenge. 4, 3, and 1. Drop your knees down. Press your hips back. Walk your arms out
far in front of you, and just let your
body go side to side. Walk your hands to
your right side. Take your left hand over your
right, and stretch your body. Big breath in through your nose. And walk to the other side. Take that stretch. Pull through your hips. [SOMBER ORCHESTRAL DANCE MUSIC] And lift all the way up. If your towel is still
there, set it to the side. Take your legs out
in front of you. Draw your toes back, and lift
your arms all the way up. Look up to the ceiling. Take a fold in your body. Reach out towards your toes. Tuck your chin, lift up. Roll back just halfway– just halfway. That’s it. Now lift all the
way back up again. Right hand to your left foot. Take a twist. Reach through your opposite arm. Look back towards your thumb. Do that again. Breathe in. Lift up. And lower down. Tuck your hips. Do that again. Lift up. This time, left hand to
right foot, opposite hand. Stretch back. Look behind you. Breathe and lift up. And roll all the way
down onto your backs. Plant your feet on the floor. Hands to your sides. Lift up through your hips. Option to interlace your
hands underneath your back. Lift up, open
through your chest. Take some nice big breaths here. And release your hips down. Roll back up. Hug your right knee
toward your chest. Stop. Grab your left hand around. Plant your other hand
behind you like a kickstand. Lift up and twist. Pull your toes back. A good stretch to the
outside part of your hip. Keep twisting. And gently unwind. Keep that same one
on the other side. Knee in. Let it cross over. Wrap your arm around. Press down into your hand. Lift up. And find a rotation. [MID-TEMPO DANCE MUSIC] Lift all the way back up. Hug your knees in
towards your chest. Roll onto your toes. Push your palms into the ground. Tuck your chin. Straighten your legs. Lift your hips. Step your feet a little wider. Grab a hold of your elbows,
and sway side to side. And gently roll all
the way back up. Your shoulders– a
couple of shoulder rolls. Lift and roll. One more big breath together. Reach up high. Give yourself a hand. You made it through your
30 minutes of shred. Thank you so much for joining. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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